Nike Freestyle !!

I’m sure most of you jammers out there have seen the Nike Frisbee Freestyle advert which featured Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy !! There were also some other class Nike Freestyle adverts including Football (Soccer to you Americans) and Basketball!! There is also Nike Freestyle website which is absolutely Brilliant!! This, at first consisted of a Football, Basketball and a Frisbee Freestyle section!!!

However, in about November 2003 it came to my attention that the Frisbee section of this great website had been removed but the Football and Basketball sections were still there!!!!!!! At first I thought it may just be a seasonal change (they’d just removed it for the winter and were going to put it on again about March/April 2004!! But they HAVEN’T! I am very anoyed at this!!! If anyone knows why please let me know!! If not I think we should (together) contact Nike and ask them to put it back on the website!!!

Johninho (UK Freestyler)

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  1. hi.
    i have the the ofline frisbee faceoff game.
    if you want i can send u the game to the e-mail.

    When A Ball Dreams…
    It can’t Dream U mourons…LoL

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