DiscCast Episode 2: With Dave Lewis & Dori Yaniv

Episode 2 is now available and is a massive improvement on the first episode! We now have started a handful of segments that will be regulars on the show. This Episode also guest stars none other than 9-time World Freestyle Champion, Dave Lewis and Director of the Israeli Flying Disc Association, Dori Yaniv. Also, the sound quality is much better this month due to improved audio recording equipment.

Episode 2 Timeline:

1.Introduction (00:00 ñ 02:44)
2.World Freestyle News From The Past Month (02:44 ñ 04:44)
3.DiscCast Discussion ñ Dori Yaniv talks to us about teaching freestyle, and the techniques that have been successful over in Israel (05:10 ñ 36:11)
4.ukDiscstyle Freestyle News From The Past Month (36:31 ñ 41:50)
5.ëHow-To’ Section ñ Dave Lewis gives a detailed insight into tipping, for all standards of freestyle play (42:00 – 53:02)
6.Joke Of The Month! (53:30 – 55:10)
7.Frisbee Fact Of The Month! (55:13 – 56:20)
8.Conclusion (56:20 ñ 57:23)

Running Time: 57mins 23secs
File Size: 26.2MB
Release Date: 13th February 2006

Episode 2 is available through iTunes and Podcast Alley! For more information, head over to ukDiscstyle’s DiscCast Page (http://www.ukdiscstyle.com/disccast.htm).

If you have anything to say about the show, e.g. comments, suggestions, or requests to be a guest, please e-mail us at ukdiscstyle@yahoo.co.uk!

Nike Freestyle Webpage Is Back

You may have read my recent story about the frisbee section being removed from nikefreestyle!!! Well, GREAT NEWS, it’s back online!!!! The address is now www.nike.com/freestyle !!! My mate Joe ‘The Flow’ found out when browsing a few days ago!!
The site is pretty much the same as before but has a few new cool features which must be checked out by all jammers!! One of these is the ‘Got Moves’ section in which you send a video to nike of you doing a class move and if its good enough they feature it on the website!!!!!
It’s a great site and I am delighted that it’s up and running again, i’m sure you lot are too!!!

Nike Freestyle !!

I’m sure most of you jammers out there have seen the Nike Frisbee Freestyle advert which featured Dave Lewis and Dave Murphy !! There were also some other class Nike Freestyle adverts including Football (Soccer to you Americans) and Basketball!! There is also Nike Freestyle website which is absolutely Brilliant!! This, at first consisted of a Football, Basketball and a Frisbee Freestyle section!!!

However, in about November 2003 it came to my attention that the Frisbee section of this great website had been removed but the Football and Basketball sections were still there!!!!!!! At first I thought it may just be a seasonal change (they’d just removed it for the winter and were going to put it on again about March/April 2004!! But they HAVEN’T! I am very anoyed at this!!! If anyone knows why please let me know!! If not I think we should (together) contact Nike and ask them to put it back on the website!!!

Johninho (UK Freestyler)

Freestylin’ in the U.K !!

Myself (Johninho) and my freestyle partner (Joe ‘The Flow’) both live in the U.K. We are really into the sport and really enjoy playing. However, we do not know of any freestyle activity in the U.K (e.g tournaments we can enter, other top players, flying disc shops etc.). If you know of any freestyle activity in the U.K PLEASE let us know !!! It would be greatly appreciated.