Freestylin’ in the U.K !!

Myself (Johninho) and my freestyle partner (Joe ‘The Flow’) both live in the U.K. We are really into the sport and really enjoy playing. However, we do not know of any freestyle activity in the U.K (e.g tournaments we can enter, other top players, flying disc shops etc.). If you know of any freestyle activity in the U.K PLEASE let us know !!! It would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I’ve been Freestyling in the UK for years but there is, and never has been, any official "scene"… yet.
    yet because I’m about to launch a UK Association, with discs, T Shirts etc.
    You can get involved if you like.
    Where are you based? I’m in Milton Keynes in Bucks.
    Send me an e-mail and lets talk!
    Rob Capper

  2. Hey I’m from the UK. I’m at uni in High Wycombe in Bucks, but i live near Bournemouth down south. I have also recognised there is nothing in the UK, so i wanna help get the scene going (even though i am new to the sport). I am trying to get a yahoo group on UK freestyle frisbee going. Please join and help.
    email me at

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