New ZMachines

In 1992, JT Thorne showed his first disc spinning contraption, the Disc Popper. A few years later, he introduced the ZMachine, a portable training device that allowed freestylers to spin discs at high speed then lift them into a delay. The patented invention was an immediate hit. New players could get the feel for a delay instantly. Experienced players loved the superhuman spin produced by the ZMachine and used it to learn difficult technical moves and attempt longer, previously impossible combinations.

The ZMachine was out of production for a while, but Thorne is back with a new design and is taking orders for new ZMachines at

2 Replies to “New ZMachines”

  1. Thanx for this posting Arthur. I was thinking about ZMachines in the weekend and how they would help my nail delay. One question: how does the delay from a ZMachine differ to the throw one receives from another jammer?

    Rawiri Walker

  2. Two differences:
    1. With the Z Machine, you don’t have to worry about the disc landing on
    your finger. It’s hard enough to learn to delay without having to also learn
    how to receive an incoming disc. With the Z Machine, you lift the disc off the
    machine. Your finger is in the center of the disc from the first moment.
    2. The level of spin is greater than anything you can imagine. I stopped
    using the highest settings because it actually wore my fake nails down. At
    those high speeds, the disc moves off the center slower – it’s a gyroscope.
    You have more time to adjust.

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