Hi everyone!

After a huge amount of work, Iím glad to send all the jammers of the world the official invitation to:


Ist international frisbee freestyle tournament, San Lazzaro di Savena (BOLOGNA)

The greatest part of you probably knows everything about our project, but for those who didnít have the chance to talk with me or AlÏ hereís a summary of what itís all aboutÖ

The tournament will take place in a football field in the Parco della Resistenza in San Lazzaro di Savena, but if the weather will be bad, weíll have the possibility to play indoor in the Sport Center. The tournament will last two days and will include both OPEN and COOP divisions. There will be a party with a musical surprise and you will receive different funny gadgets offered by Twister Hills Bologna with the help of our large number of sponsors.

The fee to participate is 15Ä, a symbolic contribution to our association because I can assure you that what you will receive will be largely more than your fee value.

We didnít know whether we wanted to introduce a participation fee or not, but I think this is one of the few incomes that our association can have and since we are only a few people and weíll need the help of other people too, the participation fee will allow us to have some extra services.

Iím sure you will understand my point and Iíd like to remember you the web site where you can find all the information, our debated VIDEO, the official Frisbee of the event, etc.:


We sincerely hope to see you all and I believe that only seeing you happy and satisfied after our event will repay all of our ìeffortsî. Our dream is to share two days with the people who inhabit this ìstrange but fantastic worldî and, only together with you, we can make ìour worldî a little bit more visible.

I hug you all and ask you to send me your confirmation of participation so that I can organize the sleeping places: they are all free but those who send their confirmation late will have to sleep in tents.

See you soon and thanks!