DiscCast Extra: Joey Hudoklin Interview

DiscCast Extra:
Joey Hudoklin Interview


A real treat is in store for all in the latest DiscCast
ExtraÖ We have an interview with ëThe Legendí himself Joey Hudoklin. As
you’ll all know, Joey was in Europe for Paganello last week, and with all the
excitement still in the air following his visit, we felt now was the ideal time
to release this interview. While at Paganello, Joey spoke to John about how his
career began, its many highlights (including Team Bud Light and his first World
title in 1979) and also discusses his views on the freestyle scene in Europe.

Episode InformationÖ.

Length: 26mins 42secs

File size: 18.3MB

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and Joe

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  1. Great interview…it continues the historical perspective we have seen all year. Smart move to take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks for the hard work! PK

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