Shrednow: The “Freestyle Square”

In Italy the "square" is the place where people stay together, speak, see friends, walk, (play frisbee too, when there aren’t Policemen near…)

The square is the "center" of the social-life, not only of the town.

Shrednow is the same, for freestylers. With it, we have the opportunity to know all about our sport: tournaments, results, ranking, news. The young players can ask information about exercises, and know the "secret" about good routines too.

Shrednow it’s the 1∞"site" of italian freestylers: Arthur and Luca Gagliardi had worked a lot for us, with traslations, to give us the opportunity to speake, add story, have a "place" in common, in our language.

The 12 july the 300∞ members had registered, and a lot of persons no-members read normally Shrednow. More of 300 articles, videos, photos, funny and serious "vote", make of this site one of more intresting in the "freestyle – site – world".

Shrednow have another "special thing" make it famous and loved: all people can have information about tournements and results, after few time. Example: FPA 2005: people dont was in World Championship knew results immediatly, after only 2 or 3 hours after competition: a great work, that make more "near" freestylers.

Shrednow is that and more. It’s interattive, it give the possibility to ask, to "connect" with other people, to make discussion about freestyle, ranking, ecc.

It’s our "square", the place where we can stay together, and know all the news about our plastic world.

Shrednow is Arthur’s son. I think is nice today tell "thank you" to him, that work hard for our "square", and to give us one place where stay together…

ehi, grazie, "old young man"!


2 Replies to “Shrednow: The “Freestyle Square””

  1. Well said, Lui. Being new to freestyle in general, I’ve only recently discovered Shrednow, but it’s quickly become one of my "dalies" – i.e. sites I simply must visit everyday.
    So thanks to Arthur and the rest of you who make this "square" the great gathering place that it is!


  2. ciao!
    well, if you are a "young freestyler", you must go in the topic: "New Players": you can find a lot of very intresting lessons!

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