California Jam Italia #1: San Ramon AKA The Hottest Place On Earth

Fabio Sanna – San Ramon, California (July 12, 2005)
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Was the weather at EFC a little too cold for you? Do you like freestyling inside an oven? Do you mind if the grond melts your freestyle sneakers? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you would have had a great time at the first pre-FPAW jam of our Italian visitors.

Eleonora Imazio and Fabio Sanna arrived into San Francisco on Monday evening. After a improvised driving tour of San Francisco and some obligatory photos of the Golden Gate bridge, they got some much needed rest only to wake up on Tuesday in the middle of a heat wave.

Heat wave, you say? A heat wave in the Bay Area? The temperature must have gotten up to almost 22C, right? Wrong! After a weekend of chilly 20C degree days, Bay Area weather changed. The sun decided to focus its beams directly here, driving temperatures into the 30’s in an instant. Reports of temperatures at the jam ranged from 34C to 40C. Yes, it was that hot. It was one of those boiling days where wind actually made you feel hotter.

Eleonora was smart, jamming in short bursts then reclining under shade trees to enjoy the action and laugh at the fools melting in the sun. The rest of us – Fabio Sanna, Arthur Coddington, Greg Riley and Doug Korns – played on for almost three hours.

This was a trial by fire for Fabio, but he passed with flying colors. He was the most turbo of the day. He jammed the hardest and sat down last. Along the way he put down some sweet combos. My favorite was a UD series that included a double over down and some incredible flat work. If I hadn’t been delirious from the heat, I might be able to provide more details.

Tomorrow, the invasion continues with the arrival of two groups of European travellers to the Bay Area and the promise of more jams, these fueled by cooler breezes.


2005 NASS Competition

2005 NASS Competition
The National Adventure Sports Show
Royal Bath & West of England Showground
Westex, United Kingdom
July 8-10, 2005

1. Tom Leitner (USA)/Lorenzo Apriani (ITA)
2. Edoardo Favorini (ITA)/Gregory Lo-a-sjoe (NED)
3. John Coxhead (GBR)/Joe McCrave (GBR)
4. Timmy Broxap (GBR)/Russell Scott (GBR)
5. Ollie Gordon (GBR)/Tom Stocker (GBR)
6. Rob Capper (GBR)

Rankings: July 2005 And A Note About Upside

The July rankings (Open | Women) is a hurricane of movement. Lots of events cycled off the rankings. Four big events came on. The number one player changed again. Two players entered the top ten, fourteen players entered the top 100 and thirty players entered the rankings list.

Number One
Dave Lewis returns to number one, ousting Tom Leitner after only one month. C’mon Dave! Give someone else a chance up there. Actually, Dave was able to regain #1 by winning WFDF with Arthur Coddington. Since Tom Leitner did not play the event, he did not have the opportunity to earn the big points that come with a major championship. Just wait until later this month, though. The rankings list released just before the FPA World Championships will include new results but will also NOT include the 2003 World Disc Games/WFDF. Lewis/Coddington, the champions in 2003, will lose a huge number of points, as will most of the top ten players. Look for another eye-popping reshuffling in the days before the world championships.

Top Ten
Jeff Kruger’s second place at WFDF helps him re-enter the top ten at number nine. The bigger story is Fabio Sanna, a first time Top Ten player this month as he jumps from 14 to 10 based on strong results at the European Freestyle Championships.

The Top 100
There is too much going on here to even attempt to break it down. It is chaos, wonderful chaos. Active players are vaulting upwards. Inactive players are dropping down. Glance through the names in the Top 100. How many players do you personally know? How many countries are represented? That’s right!

Sometimes, players do well at a tournament, but when they look at the rankings their points or rank don’t go up much. I’m always here to help figure out what happened, but most often it is the case of upside. Only your best five results count. If you have five or more results, you have to beat that fifth result to improve your points. If your fifth result is small, you have a lot of Upside. Almost any result will help your point total, and with a big result you can move up lots of spots. If your fifth result is big, you have no Upside. You may have to play a huge tournament to even improve your points.

I created an Upside List to who you how this works. Here are the ten players with the most Upside on the list:

1. Murphy, Dave (Rank: 11, Fifth Best Result: 3.5, Tourneys: 5, Best Five: 893.25)
2. Gauthier, Jake (Rank: 30, Fifth Best Result: 7.5, Tourneys: 5, Best Five: 576)
3. Downs, Rik (Rank: 103, Fifth Best Result: 8, Tourneys: 5, Best Five: 209)
4. Graves, Anne (Rank: 140, Fifth Best Result: 8.5, Tourneys: 6, Best Five: 148.75)
5. Bergman, Sarah (Rank: 179, Fifth Best Result: 9, Tourneys: 7, Best Five: 109.85)
6. Cordero, Sara (Rank: 182, Fifth Best Result: 9.5, Tourneys: 5, Best Five: 107)
7. Lowry, Mary (Rank: 60, Fifth Best Result: 10, Tourneys: 6, Best Five: 317.25)
8. Audino, Gaia (Rank: 167, Fifth Best Result: 10, Tourneys: 7, Best Five: 119.75)
9. Cole, Tom (Rank: 84, Fifth Best Result: 11, Tourneys: 5, Best Five: 243.5)
10. Cohn, Eddy (Rank: 139, Fifth Best Result: 11, Tourneys: 6, Best Five: 150.5)

Compare Jake Gauthier, with the second best Upside, to Tom Leitner, who actually has the 76th best upside. Jake is coming off an injury. He hasn’t been playing many events, but he has five events banked from before he hurt his knee. To increase his points, he only has to score more than 7.5 ranking points at a tournament – for him that basically means showing up and twiddling his fingers on the playing field. If he wins an event, he could earn 125 to 400 points (the top performer at the FPA Worlds usually accumulates about 400 points). Almost all of that (all but 7.5 points) would improve his point total. What happens? He flies up the rankings.

Tom Leitner has an insane amount of ranking points, but his fifth best result is 201.5 points. 201.5! There are few opportunities to grab that amount of points. Third place at WFDF this year got 204 points after bonus points were factored in. Winning a regular tournament with almost every top player in the field would get you just about 200 points. Tom is almost maxed out. He has low Upside.

So, if you are concerned about your ranking after a proud result, consider your Upside. The full Upside list is below. Keep in mind that there will be profound changes in this list between now and FPA Worlds because of the expiration of 2003 WFDF points and the addition of 2005 Manresa and SuperHein points.

Continue reading “Rankings: July 2005 And A Note About Upside” the voice of the next generation

I started to freestyle at 13. Call me biased, but I believe that the early teens are one of the best times to learn about our sport. Our bodies are fresh and resilient. We are open to new ideas. We are ready to dive into activities we can call our own. We are ready to rule the world. Sometimes lost amid Europe’s freestyle explosion is the fact that some of our newest freestylers are in that perfect age range.

Johninho and Joe “The Flow” discovered freestyle through Dave Lewis and Murf’s Nike commercial. They have practiced and learned, begun to compete and stepped up as leaders of UK freestyle. Now, they have launched

Their website is both a showcase for the UK Discstyle team and a great place for new players to learn what freestyle is. Not content to simply master freestyle, Team UK Discstyle has produced videos to introduce themselves, show off their best moves and show how to do freestyle moves. They have published the most recent interview of Dave Lewis. And, by partnering with the FPA and Shrednow, they feature histories of the sport, instructional info, video clips and even the world rankings.

Stop by and say hello to the next generation of freestyle.

2005 WFDF: Mark Williams Videos

Mark williams has posted six videos from the WFDF2005 freestyle competition last weekend in San Diego. The teams featured are:

Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (1st place)
Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (2nd place)
Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (3rd place)
Dave Bailey/Paul Kenny (4th place)
Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes (5th place)
Dan Roddick/Z Weyand (Senior Grandmaster division)

Big Moves: Fabio’s Against Flamingitis Pull

(444kb avi file – right click picture to save)

Direct from Trieste, Italy. Fabio hits a move he was told was impossible. An against the spin flamingitis pull. But that’s not all. He closes it out with an ever-so-easy gitis. Thanks to Ele for being at the camera to capture the moment.

Rotodom 2005: Complete Results

Osoppo (Udine – Italy)
01-03 luglio 2005

Pairs Final

1. Antonio Cusmá/Matteo Feller (23.2)
2. Fabio Sanna/Silvia Caruso (22.5)
3. Clay Collerá/Andrea Dini (20.1)
4. Fabio Caruso/Matteo Gaddoni (20)

Co-op Final

1. Matteo Gaddoni/Elena Dal Gesso/Andrea Dini (15.8)
2. Matteo Feller/Luca Trotta/Davide Battaglia (14.9)
3. Clay Collerá/Stefano Maroli/Enrico Stocco (14.9)
4. Silvia Caruso/Fabio Caruso/Davide Bianchi (14.3)

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