the voice of the next generation

I started to freestyle at 13. Call me biased, but I believe that the early teens are one of the best times to learn about our sport. Our bodies are fresh and resilient. We are open to new ideas. We are ready to dive into activities we can call our own. We are ready to rule the world. Sometimes lost amid Europe’s freestyle explosion is the fact that some of our newest freestylers are in that perfect age range.

Johninho and Joe “The Flow” discovered freestyle through Dave Lewis and Murf’s Nike commercial. They have practiced and learned, begun to compete and stepped up as leaders of UK freestyle. Now, they have launched

Their website is both a showcase for the UK Discstyle team and a great place for new players to learn what freestyle is. Not content to simply master freestyle, Team UK Discstyle has produced videos to introduce themselves, show off their best moves and show how to do freestyle moves. They have published the most recent interview of Dave Lewis. And, by partnering with the FPA and Shrednow, they feature histories of the sport, instructional info, video clips and even the world rankings.

Stop by and say hello to the next generation of freestyle.