Rankings: Pre-FPAW2005 Lists

As predicted, the pre-FPAW rankings lists (Open | Women) were almost as active as the July list.

Reasons For Upheaval

Specifically, three 2003 tournaments (Swedish Championships, Naragansett Jam and WDG/WFDF) expired and three new tournaments (NASS, Manresa and Super Hein) were added. Lot of points were lost, and lots of points were won.

Number One
Tom Leitner takes back the top spot, as predicted. Not only did he lose fewer 2003 points than Dave Lewis, Tom also solidified his point totals with top finishes at Manresa and Super Hein.

Top Ten
Fabio Sanna’s first taste of the top ten was fleeting. Super Hein champ Randy Silvey knocks him down to #11 on this list. Randy acquired more than 200 points (125 points for the win and a boatload of bonus points for beating 28 other top players) at Super Hein.

The Top 50
This time, the Top 50 is more relevant than the Top 100 because this rankings list will be used for seeding at the world championships. With some players (Jake Gauthier) coming off injuries and others (Dave Schiller) coming off breaks from competition, points added this month can have a big impact on the seeding in Seattle. Seeding wildcards are usually given to ultra-low ranked teams, so the closer a team can get to the seeding it deserves, the less the wildcards matter.

Z Weyand (#72) and Carl Dobson (#69) make big jumps into the top 100. Good news for Z; it should help him get a better seed at Worlds. Seattle native Mike Galloupe (#108) nips at the edges of the Top 100; maybe Worlds will help him climb even higher. Bob Boulware is up to #135. Carolyn Yabe jumps to #195 from outside the top 400; that’s what winning co-op at Manresa will do. Watch those guys at #267 and #269. that might be the lowest ranking you see fora long time from John and Joe of ukdiscstyle fame.

Women’s Ranking Upgrade
The women’s online list now features info on where each player was ranked on the previous list. I’d love to get some feedback from the women on the kind of rankings list that would work best for them.