2006 Arizona States

2006 Arizona States
Scottsdale, AZ
November 11-12, 2006

1. Matt and Jacob Gauthier
2. Dave Lewis/Pat Marron
3. Paul Kenny/Dave Murphy
4. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy Kruger
5. Jeff Kruger/Tom Lasher
6. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider
7. Steve Hays/Mike Galloupe/Neil Toland
8. Bill Wright/Rick Sader

Prelim A
1. Dave Lewis/Pat Marron
2. Jeff Kruger/Tom Lasher
3. Jamie Chantiles/Rico Schneider
4. Steve Hays/Mike Galloupe/Neil Tolan
5. Dan Yarnell/Chris Baker
6. Harvey Brandt/Jon Freedman
7. Tita Ugalde/Beth Verish

Prelim B
1. Matt and Jacob Gauthier
2. Dave Murphy/Paul Kenny
3. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy Kruger
4. Bill Wright/Rick Sader
5. Rick Williams/Doug Korns
6. Mary Lowry/Lori Daniels
7. Mark Horn/John Schiller

2 Replies to “2006 Arizona States”

  1. Hi Arthur, could you adjust my name in the results for Arizona? On Freestyledisc too? The correct spelling is with a "d" on the end of my last name. Neil Toland Thank you.

  2. Neil,
    Sorry about the misspelling. I corrected it here. I didn’t enter the results into
    freestyledisc.org, so you’ll probably have to contact the FPA directly on that one.

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