Music Queries

Ive been rewatching some vids lately and I really enjoyed the 2007 FPAW routine in the finals with Dave Lewis and Pat Marron. Anyone know the song they are playing to? I really like it ))
you can watch the routine on Fabio’s website

Freestyle In Egypt – January 25-26

Hola, Jammers of the World!

Check out this website

It has all the info about a beach Ultimte tourney in Dahab, Egypt. So if any of you Europeans want to pop in for a jam or two, and a nice demo in front of a crowd of Ultimate players – come over. And if you play some Ultimate, the more fun for you.

Too bad I cant come this year, but next year I surely will. Egypt is very popular with Russian tourists, so the tickets are cheap for us. Look out for Russian jammers next year in Dahab.

Difficulty gradation

Hi guys! I wanted to ask sort of a favor. Could you please write sort of a score spectre on difficulty judging, so I could understand it better. For instance how many points would you give to a conseq. combination of with the spin pulls, a tipping combo and etc. And what would generally get 1 point, 2 and up to 10. I know everyone has a different way of judging diff, but thats why im asking )

The 360+ : in depth…

I’d really like to know some specifics about spins. What is the optimal foot movement for a quick and balanced spin? As it’s winter in Russia where i am from, i cant practice outdoors, and my indoor facility is pretty limited in height, so i cant catch a 720 without really quick movement. And anyway im having problems with maintaining position after two spins..

Any tips? I dont really have any projammers to ask around here 🙂