Flow Freestyle Championships

Hello Everybody!!

i’m glad to announce that the videos from the Israeli freestyle championships are now all online.

The results:

1. Dori Yaniv and Arnon Avitzur
2. Ofek Agmon and Yarden Borkow
3. Ayal Benin and Itay Gal
4. Dvir Sanela and Lusti

The videos

Flamingitis- How do I pull it?

hello everybody. in the last few days i have been trying to pull a flamingitis. i can catch it perfectly but i only have problem with pulling it. can someone please help me? i need every little detail
Thanks alot

FPAW 2005 Seattle – Looking For Partners

shalom everyone.

recently i have got my parents approval for going to seattle this summer and compete. since almost no one from israel is coming i would like to compete with someone else from outside of israel. Italy, USA, Sweden, whatever.

i would like to compete with someone who plays clock and throws both spins good.

my style is mostly control- restricted delays, turnovers, against the spin moves and so on. i also control the wind pretty good.
if anyone would like to compete please contact me


Paganello 2005 – Who’s Coming?

hello everyone
my parents are concidering about letting me go to paganello again. I want to know who is going to be there and compete because i would like a partner…
take great clock and a nice counter. throw both good.
style- control- toejamming, turnovers and against the spin moves.
i would need someone who can throw good Zs. if you are a person that takes clock and throws good clock then contact me.