2013 Mountain Alternative Open Summary

Helloooo Jammers:

The Mountain Alternative Open wound up today under the gigantic Rocky Mountain skies of Colorado. All weekend, the temperatures held in the low 80s under partly sunny skies with mild wind.

Friday afternoon we gathered for a pre-tournament jam in Washington Park in Denver, Colorado. One of the biggest parks in Denver, Washington Park has a long Frisbee history vibe being home to original 1970s freestylers John Bird and Tracy Blood. In the 1980s, Washington Park hosted one of the earliest large city ultimate leagues in the United States, sporting and spawning dozens of club ultimate teams. Now it’s frequently where we gather to freestyle in Colorado.

In the pre-jam, Ryan Young, James Wiseman, Jake Gauthier, Paul Kenny, Larry Imperiale, Bill Wright, Jeff O’Brien, and Jonathan Willett jammed until the beautiful orange sunset lead to awesome margaritas and Mexican food at the legendary Blue Bonnet Restaurant. After eating, we toured public art venues in Denver and filmed for the Spread the Jam Project.

On Saturday, we held the event in Boulder, Colorado, twenty miles northwest of Denver again on a beautiful mountain summer day. Using traditional, experimental and whimsical freestyle formatting, we had a random pairs event. The judging format for the pairs event featured a rank system with bonus point/mandatory move categories. The three bonus categories were, 1) successful, dramatic and stylish “the” catches, 2) Gitis variations (such as throws, spinning catches, reverse gitises, “gitoss,” etc.), and 3) most “casual” moves. The bonus incentives elicited great creativity from the field.

The results of the pairs event was:

1. Paul Kenney/Jonathan Willett
2. Bill Wright/James Wiseman
T3. Jeff O’Brien/ Ryan Young
T3. Chuck Richard/Larry Imperiale
5. Randy Lahm/Jake Gauthier

The second event was a random mobop event with a ranked judging system and different bonus categories. Bonuses were accorded for good use of the field’s cone course in moves and for use of a cone during a trick (“a cone trick”).

With this format, the results of the mobop event was:

1. Jake Gauthier/James Wiseman/Chuck Richard
2. Larry Imperiale/Paul Kenney/Randy Lahm
3. Bill Wright/Jeff O’Brien/Jonathan Willett
4. Ryan Young, Suzanne Strait, Hiram Bale

Excellent non competitive jamming also included Renee Pardo Donaldson and Ian Kitchens.

Saturday night’s party featured obscure Frisbee videos and awesome Oregon and Colorado craft beers and a steak chicken and veggie taco bar until the wee hours of the morning.
Sunday, with the competition over, we mobopped till we could mobop no more, then gathered at Backcountry Pizza and Tap House.

Thanks to everyone for making the Mountain Alternative Open another successful event. Z ya next year!

Jonathan Willett

2013 The Jammers Freestyle Championships Day 3

Monday, May 27, 2013 Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Yet another beautiful day today here in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Calm sea, bright blue sky, soft breeze coming in from the east off the ocean. Just super. If you’ve never been to The Jammers, or you have and it’s been a while, it’s not a bad idea to mark this date on your calendar every year. Just a really fine way to spend Memorial Day Weekend. The beach is fantastic for jamming and the welcome is simply wonderful. Thanks again to Cheryl and Paul and the whole crew for laying the foundation for this super event.

We’ve had a great weekend here at The Jammers. Yesterday was another fine day. The ocean beckoned again with little to no rip-tide, low sets of waves to cavort in, and plenty of smoothness to swim some laps or just float in the pleasant salty goodnes. The Spread the Jam Project production team was up at sunrise again filming. Not sure when James and Ryan sleep, or if they do. They are really doing massive work here with all the filming and jamming and competing. The Mixed round provided a nice contrast to the Open from the day before, with more polished routines, and the different energy of genders gelling in the jam. The day ended with a fajita spread, beverages, birthday cake, awards presentation gathering at Carl and Michelle Emerson’s house. What a great time! Thanks to all the Jacksonville Beach crew for all the generosity and kindnes over the weekend. It’s very much appreciated by all.

Yesterday, the playing conditions were pretty much ideal, unless you wanted more wind. Basically, there were not any reasons for excuses, as the Northeast/East wind was puffing in at around 5 to 9 mph throughout the day. Just an easy soft steady breeze within which to bring your game. The jammers responded with lots of fun co-oping, others ringing in the breeze, folks breaking off into a two or three to pull out the shred. Really, really, fine day.

The round of Mixed Pairs went off around 2 pm or so, with a nice little crowd gathered. Bethany and I played 5th, so I wasn’t able to see a lot of the groups ahead of us. The round started with Tito and Mary Grace, two Florida locals getting things going. Next up was Pops and Bernie. Playing 3rd and seed busting above us was the team of Jake and Tita Ugalde. So great to have these two hooked up here at The Jammers, and later at Worlds in Santa Cruz. Heard from Jake that Tita played great, and that they hit their beginning sequence nicely. Next up was Bethany and me. We kept the flow throughout, hit some co-ops, missed others, and had a decent round. Good flow, with hit and miss execution.

Following next were the top three teams. First of these were Lori and Murf. Playing to “Uncle Albert” by Paul McCartney, hitting their co-op sequences nicely, moving smooth and easy to the fine slow music, these guys really brought a fine presentation to the field. Dave Mr. Focus Murphy was not going to be denied this day after his open round, and he was on with every move – precise, in control, rolling, spinning, sealing. Very nice. Lori was a steady partner, pulling off her moves with grace and style. Very nice job here.

Next to last were Cindy and Paul. Lots of nice music choreography here, along with a few stumbles. It’s tough, at this point in the proceedings, being the Tournament Director. You could see a bit of fatigue in Paul as they moved through their routine. Some very fine moments mixed in with a couple of hiccups. They held things together, though, and ended up with a nice routine.

Topping off the round was the team of Lisa and Matt. Lots of high energy here, great co-oping, fine individuals, these two are a well-oiled jam team. Lots of arms and legs arcing and waving through space as they co-oped around the beach. Then the explosion of a Gauthier indy sequence into a multiple spinning catch – and the controlled grace and style of a Hunrichs set, pull, set, spin to extended posture catch.

With 7 teams competing in Mixed Pairs this year, and 3 other women on the sidelines who could have been competing, this was a great showing of women at The Jammers. After watching the competition yesterday, it’s looking like FPA Worlds Mixed Pairs competiton is shaping up to be a fine event. I’m hoping that there will be a nice European showing as well in order to really showcase this particular dynamic aspect of the sport. Could be electric come August.

The Jammers Mixed Pairs Results

1st Lori Daniels / Dave Murphy [video]
2nd Tie Lisa Hunrichs / Matt Gauthier [video]
2nd Tie Cindy St. Mary / Paul Kenny [video]
4th Tita Ugalde / Jake Gauthier [video]
5th Bethany Sanchez / Rodney Sanchez [video]
6th Bernie Murray / Steve Scannel [video]
7th Mary Grace Clark / Tito Andino [video]

2013 The Jammers Mixed Pairs Results

1st Lori Daniels / Dave Murphy
2nd Tie Lisa Hunrichs / Matt Gauthier
2nd Tie Cindy St. Mary / Paul Kenny
4th Tita Ugalde / Jake Gauthier
5th Bethany Sanchez / Rodney Sanchez
6th Bernie Murray / Steve Scannel
7th Mary Grace Clark / Tito Andino

2013 The Jammers Freestyle Championships Day 2

Sunday, May 26, 2013 Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The day has dawned clear blue skies, with the wind southeast to east, aka puffing in off the ocean, promising another fine day of jamming on the beach at the 2013 Jammers Freestyle Championships. Saturday was great, with kind conditions all day long, plenty of jams, and a round of open that saw some stellar play. The Spread the Jam Project production crew was in session at dawn again, as well as after dinner underneath a bright and shiny full moon, capturing silhouetted jammers moving against the backdrop of a glittering sea. To top off the day for most, the Tribe gathered 48 people strong in the banquet room at Siam Thai for a nice dinner of hanging out, conversating, and tasty food.

Saturday’s weather was a complete turnaround from Friday, with fresh, less humid air blowing in out of the northeast. Perfect weather for beach chilling and freestyle jamming. The wind was steady all day long, moving from a medium heavy pace to a medium pace as the day progressed. There was a rip-tide in the near off-shore, so swimming was a bit of a watch out for your life exercise rather than a relaxing, lulling floating experience. Still, refreshing and cooling to take a dip post jam.

More jammers arrived Saturday to enjoy the fellowship of sun, wind, beach and the jam: Zack Murphy from San Diego; Toddy Brodeur from Massachusets; Geoff and Nannette Gregory from Orlando; Bernie and Rich from South Florida; Daryl and Lisa Allen from Alabama; Jonathan Willet from Boulder. Wives and girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends, and sons and daugheters gathered throughout the day to complete a nice frisbee family scene.

Saturday’s competition consisted of one round of Open made up of 9 teams, with the round of Mixed being moved to Sunday. Judging was by the rank system, with a rotation of judges: each team had one judging sheet to complete, judging all the teams except the 3 teams before their time to play. There was an anomoly with one team making a mistake on who they were to judge, so the numbers were a bit uneven, which led to a couple of ties in the final results.

Play was inspired across the board with the round kicking of with Craig Simon, Geoff Gregory and Kurt Warner. Kurt’s game has elevated since the last time I saw him play, demonstrating smooth mastery of the clock wind game. I just saw bits and pieces of the next three teams, as we prepared for our turn to take the field. Up second was Carl Emerson, Tito Andino and Cookie, jamming a steady wind game. Following them were the team of Steve Pops Scannel and Daryl Allen. These guys played solid with each pulling out their wind games to great effect. Is there anyone out here this weekend with a smoother game than Daryl? His command of the disc in the wind is a joy to watch. Yet another southern jammer with an understated technical prowess who makes the difficult appear easy. Both Steve and Daryl, and the next team, Tony Pellicane and Ryan Young, seed busted up the order, with the latter two doing it big time.

Ryan and Tony had their Worlds routine in full dial-in mode, jamming in mock tuxedo T-shirts to a mixture of songs, starting off with some super suave and swinging Frank Sinatra. They kept their theme and controlled co-op play together throughout, hit some nice indies, and really played solid. Come August on the grass at UC Santa Cruz, it will be interesting to see where they are with this routine – a team to watch out for when Worlds arrives.

Up next was Lisa Hunrichs, Jonathan Willet and myself. We sputtered a bit, with a definite burp, in the first minute and a half or so. After that moment of air relief mid-way through, we caught the groove and made it respectable with some decent indies and passing moves. Nice to play with these 2, and to be able to pick a routine “uniform” from Jonathan’s pile of Tye-dyed T-shirts. Sometimes finding joy in life is so simple.

Following us was the stellar routine of Matt Gauthier and Cindy St. Mary. Matt was on fire again, just as he was at Virginia States, pulling out move after move with complete control: flat here, rimming there, pulling with the spin and against, finishing with a multiple spinning flourish into the catch. Totally on the top of his game. Cindy played a solid counterpoint to Matt’s excellence, as they played to the whole 6 minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and it was nary a moment too long.

Then came the team of Pipo Lopez and Larry Imperiale. These guys had a bit of a struggle, got stuck by some well-meaning audience members who were creating a wind shadow, and unfortunatley their awesome beach jamming potential was not reached this day.

Playing next to last were Jeff O’Brien, Paul Kenny and Jame Wiseman. These guys really brought it with excellent individual moves, great spontaneous co-ops, and several “oh he’s not going to get that….oh, yes he is” – kick brush, bash, angle adjustment, flying gitis catch moments. They really got the crowd going, keeping the flow and excitement moving throughout. James looked like Tommy Leitner at one point, sans the hair, spinning with abandoment and speed into a double spinning pull into double spinning phlaud catch. Jeff was all O’Brien-y, on the brush and wind, angle adjustment game, with Paul home field advantage Kenny pulling off those strange turn overs, control brushes and mulitple spinning catches with great ease.

Last up were Jake Gauthier and Dave Murphy. There was quiet anticipation as these guys took to the field, ’cause they tend to shred it up together with ease when on the beach together. Jake hit a couple of nice moves, and Murf was on the edge of almost getting it throughout. Unfortunately for them and the crowd, though, they just could not find the tear it up switch, and the fireworks did not commence.

After the round was done, everyone took to the beach for more amazing beach jam time in the sun and breeze of the north coast Florida scene. This is a really fantastic event, geared toward jam time, with minimal need to stress over competing. The fellowship of the Tribe basking in the warm, loving embrace of Cheryl and Paul Kenny. A super time indeed.

Open Round Results
1st Paul Kenny / Jeff O’Brien / James Wiseman [video]
2nd Tony Pellicane / Ryan Young [video]
3rd Tie Matt Gauthier / Cindy St. Mary [video]
3rd Tie Jake Gauthier / Dave Murphy [video]
5th Daryl Allen / Steve Scannell [video]
6th Lisa Hunrichs / Rodney Sanchez / Jonathan Willett [video]
7th tie Larry Imperiale / Pipo Lopez [video]
7th tie Cookie / Tito Andino / Carl Emerson
9th Geoff Gregory / Craig Simon / Kurt Walters [video]

2013 The Jammers Open Results

Open Round Results
1st Paul Kenny / Jeff O’Brien / James Wiseman [video]
2nd Tony Pellicane / Ryan Young [video]
3rd Tie Matt Gauthier / Cindy St. Mary [video]
3rd Tie Jake Gauthier / Dave Murphy [video]
5th Daryl Allen / Steve Scannell [video]
6th Lisa Hunrichs / Rodney Sanchez / Jonathan Willett [video]
7th tie Larry Imperiale / Pipo Lopez [video]
7th tie Cookie / Tito Andino / Carl Emerson
9th Geoff Gregory / Craig Simon / Kurt Walters [video]

2013 The Jammers Freestyle Tournament Day 1

Saturday, May 25, 2013 Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The Jammers weekend began Friday with the Tribe slowly gathering on the large expanse of sand in front of Secondo — aka Gitis Central — Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The wind was coming out of the Northwest, not ideal, and was a bit heavy and choppy at times, which presented a nice challenge for all involved. Temps rose to around 90, with the ocean beckoning everyone to join it for cooling dips and dives through the lulling, loping waves.

Mob-ops of various formations morphed and shifted throughout the day, with some smaller sets of people breaking off from time to time. Sorry, I don’t have any jamming details from the day, being invovled in chilling and reconnecting, swimming, beach walking and other forms of relaxation. Jammers sighted at the beach yesterday included: Jake and Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Lori Daniels from Portland; James Wiseman from Austin/NYC; Jeff O’Brien and Larry Imperiale from Colorado; Bethany Sanchez and me from Milwaukee; Dave Murphy from San Diego; Cookie, Jeannie and Pipo from Puerto Rico; Kurt and Cammie Walters from South Carolina; Carl Emerson and Paul Kenny from Jacksonsville Beach; Ryan Young and Cindy St. Mary and Tony Pellicane from Seattle; Vic Ouzian (sp) and Craig Simon from Ft. Lauderdale; Suzanne Strait from Ohio; Connie Bond from Daytona; Nanette and Jeff from Orlando, Heather Gray from Rochester; Steve Scannel from Boston; Chuck Richard from Chicago. Apologies if I’ve left anyone out.

Our wonderful hosts and organizers, Paul and Cheryl Kenny, again have provide a foundation of love and support for the Tribe to land in and shred. The music on the beach sounding great, nice player’s package complete with The Jammers Garlic Gitis Sauce, heat level: Hein. The Jammers is always a relaxing, open space to get down to jamming, hang out with friends, and enjoy the ebb and flow of the pulsing ocean, beach jam scene. What a gift from Paul and Cheryl year after year. Many thanks for everything!

The Spread the Jam YouTube Channel production team has been busy first thing in the morning on both Thursday and Friday, and plan to continue on into the weekend. Camera crew and jammers have been meeting on the beach at sunrise to capture the joy of the jam during magic light time. Bands of various hues of red rising along the horizon as backdrop, ocean rolling in, flat, hard pack beach as platform, a beautiful scene to capture the sport we love.

We celebrated two birthdays last night, with Mary Zurn and Lisa Hunrichs both turning 50 on the weekend: Mary’s on Thursday, and Lisa’s Friday. A large contigent of hungry jammers descended on Mezza Luna for dinner. Beverages were quafed. Food taken. Friends reconnecting and birthday wishes singing. A nice way to end the first day of the long weekend.

Wind is predicted to be strong again today. The swirling forces of the atmosphere have shifted to the Northeast, which means lower temps and a steader wind flow.

Stay tuned for more informaiton as the weekend unfolds.

2013 VA States Freestyle Finals

The 37th annual version of the Virginia States Overall Frisbee Championships have come and gone and those who attended experienced another wonderful weekend of Frisbee fun and fellowship. Saturday and Sunday were absolutely picture perfect with temps hovering around 70 once the day warmed up, with a clear, blue sky and warm sun bringing out lots of smiling faces. Event staff did a stellar job per usual, with Tournament Director Eric Olsen leading the way. And, of course, Laszlo’s Wienie World provided everyone with their brand of wholesome goodness at the canteen. It’s never too early to mark your calendars for VA States. Always a great experience.

Conditions for the Final Round of Freestyle were quite nice. There was a light, steady wind, which provided ample opportunity for folks to bring their game to the field and shred. As is the case at VA States, a nice crowd gathered round the playing arena. Family and friends there to see the day’s activities, overall players now resting with favorite beverage in hand, some bringing chairs and couches out from the canteen, lined the field to cheer on the jamming.

Bethany and I were up fourth, and I did not see the first three teams compete. Starting off the round were Tom Lasher and Jay Moldenhauer, followed by Lori Daniels and Bruce Page, then 3rd up was Jonathan Willet and Doug Simon. Bethany and I followed. We didn’t quite create the electricity from the previous night, tho, presented our routine well and held seed. Playing 5th, holding seed and taking 4th Place were Joey Hudoklin and Daniel O’Neill. These 2 again used a lot of the field, mixing up the spin levels, angles, catches and style. A few too many drops kept them from challenging for the podium. Joey pulled off a casual ’round the world brushing run, with nary a need for angle adjustment during the whole trip. It’s so great to see the Oracle playing at such a high level, bringing out the Wisdom of the Jam for all of us to enjoy.

Taking 3rd place was the team of Todd Brodeur, Jake Gauthier and Jeff O’Brian. After winning Pool A the night before, these guys again brought some stellar play. Jeff hit his signature gitis brush to gitis catch. Jake went all long arms against the spin pulls, and ring master Toddy B. conducted the flow with solid moves and huge smiles.

Coming in 2nd place were Larry Imperiale, Randy Silvey and Bill Wright. Their routine has some unique and intricate moments, lots of content and exchanges of the frisbee, with little room to spare for error. This day they connected the dots better than the night before, however, it wasn’t quite enough to reach the top of the podium. Especially compelling for this observer is the double disc work they do, including a roll, delays, and brushes. Will be interesting to see how this routine looks come the World Championships at Santa Cruz in August.

Taking top honors this year was the team of Arthur Coddington, Matt Gauthier and James Wiseman. These guys combined their considerable talents into a nice combination of planned co-ops, spontaneous passing, solid individual play from Arthur and James, and some over the top jamming by Matt to propel them to the top place. Matt was definitely in the zone. On one move he started a tipping sequence, realized he was in the wheel house, and just kept it going. Tipping with both right and left hands, completing somewhere between 20 and 25 consecutive tips in total, then finishing with a double spinning laser catch. Just super. There were at least 3 other moves that were simply stellar. It was a joy to watch someone hit the zone and present so well during a finals round.

Thanks again to everyone who made this such a special weekend, from Tournament Staff, to Laszlo’s Staff, to all the Competitors, what a blast.

Virginia States Freestyle Finals Results:

8th Place: Lori Daniels/Bruce Page
7th Place: Jonathan Willet/Doug Simon
6th Place: Tom Lasher/Jay Moldenhauer
5th Place: Bethany Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez
4th Place: Joey Hudoklin/Daniel O’Neil
3rd Place: Toddy Brodeur/Jake Gauthier/Jeff O’Brian
2nd Place: Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright
1st Place: Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/James Wiseman [video]

2013 VA States Saturday Night Pool Play – UPDATED

We had a wonderful night of jamming in the Fredericksburg Fieldhouse Saturday night. A total of 15 teams competed in two pools to see which 8 teams would advance to Sunday’s final round. There was a lot of stellar play across the board, with the overall folks leading the way in each pool. One of the fun aspects of VA States is watching the overall players, who excel at such a high level within all disciplines of frisbee play, take to the jam field to show the crowd their stuff. This was again the case on Saturday night at the Fieldhouse with Jack Cooksey, Tom Cole, Bob Cooksey, Randy Lahm, Glen Whitlock, Harvey Brandt and others showing off their jamming skills. And this after a full day of Golf, MTA and Distance. Very nice work, guys.

The action got started in the Fieldhouse sometime after 9 pm with Pool A. Some of the highlights included:

Jack Cooksey demonstrating that if he set his sights on jamming, he would be a force to be reckoned with. Glen Whitlock brought out that special Canadian brand of eccentricity, going all third world and padiddling too. If you weren’t watching the throw, then you missed why people where oohing and ahhing and applauding when Jens Velasquez and Rob McLeod played. Jens is still the master of variety when it comes to throwing the frisbee. Tim Mackey, Harvey Brandt and Alan Caplin set the stage for the final four groups with some nice individual moves.

Seeded 4th in Pool A and playing smooth and graceful were Lori Daniels and Bruce Page. Next we enjoyed the Upper West Side casual shred courtesy of Jonathan Willet and Doug E. Fresh. Seeded 2nd and playing fantastic this night were Jeff O’Brian, Jake Gauthier and Toddy Brodeur. These guys presented 5 minutes of great flow and shred, with lots of music breaks and high difficulty, moving from indies to spontaneous co-ops and back. The pool ended with a high concept routine from Larry Imperiale, Randy Silvey and Bill Wright. Playing to Elton John’s “Funeral for a Friend” these three guys laid out some impressive co-ops, innovative disc use and some fine moves. It didn’t quite click 100%, tho, that didn’t hinder them from bringing the crowd into the play and generating lots of excitement. Looking forward to what this routine becomes in the coming months heading into Worlds.

Pool B Thoughts:

Bethany and I were in this pool, and I didn’t see all the action, initially missing the first two teams of Jack Stanton, Conrad Damon and Dave Hesselbirth; and Paul Brenner, Chris Horn and Sam Kaye play. We were up third and played to “Lean on Me” by the Glee cast and the crowd really got behind us. Think we were dropless until about the 3:30 mark. After we played, I missed the teams of Dan Yarnell and Chuck Richard, and Jay Moldanauer and Tom Lasher. Up next to last was the Oracle, Joey Hudoklin, and Daniel O’Neill. These guys presented stellar NYC play, mixing up the spins, throws, catches and flow with ease. Finishing off the pool was the team of Arthur Coddington, Matt Gauthier and James Wiseman. Wow, these guys blistered the field with high diff casualness. Flowing well to their music, spontaneous co-oping, big individuals, really a fine routine.

Weather’s been fantastic on the weekend and everyone’s looking forward to another fun day of jamming in the sun. It goes without saying that Laszlo’s Wienie World yet again has set the standard with their generous welcoming of the Frisbee Tribe to Fredericksburg. What a gift they are to everyone.

Here are the results from the first round of play:

Pool A

8th Place: Jens Velasquez/Rob McLeod
7th Place: Jack Cooksey/Bob Cole
6th Place: Bob Cooksey/Glen Whitlock/Randy Lahm
5th Place: Tim Mackey/Harvey Brandt/Alan Caplin
4th Place: Lori Daniels/Bruce Page
3rd Place: Jonathan Willet/Doug E. Fresh
2nd Place: Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright
1st Place: Jeff O’Brian/Jake Gauthier/Toddy Brodeur

Pool B

7th Place: Jack Stanton/Conrad Damon/Dave Hesselbirth
6th Place: Paul Brenner/Chris Horn/Sam Kaye
5th Place: Chuck Richard/Dan Yarnell
4th Place: Tom Lasher/Jay Moldenauer
3rd Place: Bethany Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez
2nd Place: Joey Hudoklin/Daniel O’Neill
1st Place: Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/James Wiseman

2013 Virginia States Frisbee Championships Next Week

Just one week till the annual Virginia States Overall Frisbee Championships in Fredericksburg. This year is shaping up to be another fun gathering of the tribe as folks from all over the country gather for a weekend of frisbee competition, commeraderie and the wonderful experience that is Laszlo’s Wienie World.

Stay tuned for more reports next weekend after competition gets under way.

2010 VA States Report

Here’s the Jammers post on the 2010 VA States Frisbee Championships. Another fine gathering with the amazing Laszlo’s Wienie World as the epicenter for a weekend of frisbee fun.

(Complete Results Are At The Bottom Of This Post)

By far the biggest story from the 34th Annual Virginia States Frisbee Championships was the two teenagers from NYC: Daniel O’Neill and James Wiseman. These guys are fresh to the jam scene, having been playing for around 8 months now, and they both are shredding. James is from Austin, TX, and got hooked into tossing and jamming via Dan Yarnell. When James headed up to New York City to attend Columbia University, Dan connected him with the Meadow Brethren. James hooked-up with Daniel at University, they both headed to the Meadow, and the transmission began.

One casual observer of the scene at VA said, wow jammers younger than 45! (true that day except for Jake Gauthier, Pat Marron and Emmanuale "Zanardi" Faustini. Anyone else who was there under 45?)

Daniel and James not only brought their own enthusiasm and shredding to the field, they fired up all us older folks to go for it, to pump them big Z’s, show them moves….They were an amazing energizing force for the whole weekend.

A weekend that saw, in the words of Eric Wooten, the deepest field in VA States history. It all began with 41 folks breaking bread together Friday night at the Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen, the now annual Friday night re-connect. The weekend also saw the return to competition of, still high flying, Mikey Reid. Mikey arrived a day late after the passing of Christy Brinkley, one of his prize milking cows, who left this world after giving birth. May she find bliss and joy on the next great grazing field of life. Mikey still shreds the field with joy and energy, and it was great to see him back in play for the weekend.

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