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Soon we’ll publish some Video and Photos from the just endend 8th edition of Vagolino
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Vagolino! What a Tournament!!

Vagolino 2009 is already over!! We had great times with more than 25 players and a lot of new people interested to our beloved sport! Party was hard and we enjoyed the city in every hour of the day and situation!

Here the results – we had a monster routing from Vagolino 2009 champions!

1) Valerio "Wall" Occorsio – Giovanni Coppo (46.9)
2) Antonio "Piccio" Cusm‡ – Matteo Feller (42.5)
3) Matteo Gaddoni – Tommy Leitner (42.2)
4) Manuel "Rufus" Cesari – Marco "Cega" Prati (35.3)
5) Fabio "Perkins" Precario – Emmanuele "White Fang" Zanardi (33.3)
6) Matteo "Da Prez" Ceresa – Andrea MarcianÚ (33.1)
7) Danilo Torzolini – Ennio Scrimieri (31.1)

Spirit of the game: LO ZIO!!!!!