Wintershred 2013

The 2013 version of Wintershred went down February 23 in sunny, but very windy San Francisco. The wind was so strong (20-25 mph, at least) that it blew us off the Beach and in to Golden Gate Park where we found a nice little spot to jam where there was actually very little wind.

We had an interesting turn out of Freestylers this year. Some new up and coming players and some surprise appearances from the past showed up and mixed it up for most of the afternoon. New to Wintershred and relatively new to Freestyle competition, was Johnny Trevino coming down with Mike Galloupe from Seattle. His energy and enthusiasm for the game energized the local crust for hours and hours. We also got a blast from the past when old school jammer John Barsky showed up with Keith Armstrong. It was the first time he had nailed up and played in 20 years. His jamming buddies from the early days were Krae Van Sickle and John Dwork back in the Big Apple for gosh sakes. He proved that he could still get it done, and that muscle and neural freestyle memory actually has a longer shelf life that you might expect. He dusted off some cool old school moves and a variety of especially crusty yet tasty ambidiscareous throws. I was often left trying to determine which spin was coming at me. Keith had been absent for awhile, as well, yet showed no loss of skill. Infact, after peeling out series after hein series I joked that he should take two years off more often.

The competition was a random draw pairs format performed at a ‘compromised’ 3.5 minutes per routine. Bonus points were given for Gitis catches, Scarecrow Catches, and a foot brush to a partner’s catch. Depending on how hein the move was completed, 1-3 points were given. These points were added to an overall score of 1-10 points for a total score.

First up was Seattle jammer and newly crowned World Mixed Pairs champion Mike Galloupe. He was teamed with local Bay Area Jammer Rick Moody. These guys played well with Mike providing big moves and hitting all the bonus point categories. Rick was mister consistency. After Mike’s early thunderous Gitis they did struggle a bit to get the scarecrow and foot brush and it may have cost them some on the overall score. They finished in third.

Next up Doug Korns paired up with Johnny Trevino. These guys were on and hit their moves throughout, though the foot brush catch was eluding them for most of the routine. They got it near the end and got it good. Johnny hit multiple gitis, and some cool complex series, while Doug hit all his signature moves including a solid UD Crow. They finished in 1st place.

Third up, the old master John Barsky teamed up with me (Carl Dobson) for fun jam on the grass. John was going all tasty old school moves, series and throws. I felt like I was jamming back in the 70’s again. Even our music was a remix of the old Byrds song ‘8 Miles High’. I hit a quick spinning crow and then we picked off another bonus move when I kick brushed a long high pass to John. I thought for a second it was to high, but no problem John casually spun into a nice blind around the head seal. Just one gitis was left for a trifecta, but alas that proved elusive as I missed a couple tries. We finished in second.

Up last was Mike Esterbrook and Keith Armstrong. These guys really played well with good flow, lots of passing and the highest scoring bonus move with Keith’s crash and burn double spinning gitis for 2.5 pts. They got a decent crow as well, but struggled with the kick brush and that may have brought them down a bit. They finished in 4th.

1st- Johnny Trevino/Doug Korns: 35.25 pts.
2nd- Carl Dobson/John Barsky: 34.75 pts.
3rd- Mike Galloupe/Rick Moody: 30.5 pts.
4th- Keith Armstrong/Mike Esterbrook: 27.75 pts.

The jamming was awesome all day, with a good vibe going all the while. Some of us kept it going until 5pm and flights had to be caught back to Seattle.

Hope some of you can make it to next years Wintershred.

2012 Beach Stylers

2012 Beach Stylers
Oceanside, CA
October 27-28, 2012

1. Matt Gauthier/Dave Lewis
2. Jake Gauthier/Jeff O’Brien
3. Dave Murphy/Randy Silvey
4. Arthur Coddington/Lisa Hunrichs
5. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller
6. Larry Imperiale/Joel Rogers
7. Tony Pellicane/Cindy St. Mary
8. Danny Cameranesi/Dave Zeff

Semi A
1. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller
2. Dave Murphy/Randy Silvey
3. Jake Gauthier/Jeff O’Brien
4. Tony Pellicane/Cindy St. Mary
5. [missing result]
6. [missing result]

Semi B
1. Matt Gauthier/Dave Lewis
2. Arthur Coddington/Lisa Hunrichs
3. Larry Imperiale/Joel Rogers
4. Danny Cameranesi/Dave Zeff
5. [missing result]
6. Brian Boate/Steph Chan


1. Matt Gauthier
2T. Jake Gauthier
2T. Larry Imperiale
2T. Dave Lewis

Semifinal A
1. Matt Gauthier
2. Larry Imperiale
3. Arthur Coddington
4. Dave Zeff
5. Brian Boate
6. Magnus Petersen

Semifinal B
1. Jake Gauthier
2. Dave Lewis
3. Dave Schiller
4. [missing result]
5. [missing result]
6. Jeff O’Brien

2012 Jammers Championship

2012 Jammers Championship
Jacksonville Beach, FL
June 2-3, 2012

Open Pairs
1. Jake Gauthier/Dave Murphy
2. Paul Kenny/Daniel O’Neill/James Wiseman
3. Arthur Coddington/Pipo Lopez
4. Jeff O’Brien/Jonathan Willett
5. Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright
6. Tony Pellicane/Cindy St. Mary/Ryan Young
7. Tito Andino/Manuel “Cuqui” Viner
8. Greg Hosfeld/Emma Kahle
9. Carl Emerson/Josh Emerson
10. Geoff Gregory/Bernie Murray/Kurt Walter

Mixed Pairs

1. Emma Kahle/Ryan Young
2. Bethany Sanchez/Paul Kenny
3. Cindy St. Mary/Tony Pellicane
4. Jeannie Ortiz/Pipo Lopez

Roma Fusion 2012 Results

2012 Frisbee Power Roma/Italian Championships
Rome, Italy
May 19-20, 2012

Finals Open Pairs
1. Clay Collerà/Andrea Dini (43.9)
2. Fabio Sanna/Claudio Cigna (43.8)
3. Matteo Feller/Antonio Piccio Cusmà (34.6)
4. Edoardo Favorini/Fabio Nizzo (32.5)
5. Lorenzo Modarelli/Matteo Ceresa (32.1)
6. Andrea Marciano/Fabrizio Nicco (31.9)
7. Claudio Massaro/Luca Mazzucato (30.2)
8. Fabio Vinciguerra/Paolo Braico (25.3)

Finals Open Co.op
1. Clay Collerà/Fabio Sanna/Claudio Cigna (44.5)
2. Edoardo Favorini/Fabio Nizzo/Fabrizio Nicco (36.0)
3. Antonio Piccio Cusmà/Emanuele Faustini/Mauro Mercuri (34.5)
4. Alessandro Damiano/Paolo Mirabelli/Fabrizio De Rossi (28.5)

Finals Mixed
1. Fabio Sanna/Eleonora Imazio (46.2)
2. Serge Marconi/Fabiana Ciciriello (31.3)
3. Mauro Mercuri/Francesca Cherici (30.0)
4. Fabio Vinciguerra/Emilia Zoila Fongi (23.9)

2012 Wintershred

This past Saturday, jammers from Monterey to Seattle converged upon the sands of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach for this years Wintershred. The weather was beautiful and the jams lasted all afternoon. This years participants included Dan Maggalanes, Doug Korns, Mark Regalbuti, Mike Esterbrook, Tam Wolfe, Mike Galloupe, Scott Weaver, Arthur Coddington, and Carl Dobson.

wintershred is mostly about the jamming, but we did take a break for a quick sort of competitive round of pairs freestyle. Each group got 4 minutes and were judged, as Dan termed it, on the old ‘Wham-O’ system, a 1-10 scale. Added to that were 3 bonus point moves that could add up to 2 points each to the teams score. The results are as follows;

4th Place: Doug and Tam – These two really played well. They had to deal with some of the stronger offshore winds of all of the groups and hit some really cool stuff along the way.
3rd Place: Mike E. and Dan – Good co-ops, Mike utilized his beach passing game, while Dan shredded out some big series ending in great seals. They were right up there, but didn’t get much in the bonus point category.
2nd Place: Mike G. and Scott – Played excellent and really could have played the best of all. These guys shredded. All day Mike was impressing with his shred or die style and big catches. This teams Gitis ratio was beyond all the other teams combined. Unfortunately for them this was the first year we didn’t have the Gitis as a bonus move. Scott showed off his rolling prowess and spin discterity while hitting some huge seals. They played very clean as well.
1st Place: Buti and Carl – Not perfect by any means, but we did hit some big multi-spin moves combos and garnered a few more bonus points which helped us get to the top spot.

Arthur decided to sit out the competitive round but he was a force all day in the jams. He took advantage of the constant breeze and hit an incredible variety of difficult turbo multi spinning moves. Mike Galloupe and Arthur had a little tumble rumble going. But I think Arthur’s triple spinning front dive to a prone bad attitude may have taken honors. Without equal, Galloupe’s thunderous crash and burn Gitis’s had us shaking our heads all afternoon. He had local beach goers on edge as each subsequent gitis threatened to unhinge the mighty San Andreas fault which runs underneath Ocean Beach. On Monday morning there was a 4.2 quake nearby that shook much of the Bay Area. Could Seattle be next?

The highlight of the day came late as we took a moment to honor an amazing freestyle feat of one of our fellow jammers, Doug Korns. Through this past year Doug has swept an amazing 16 consecutive Masters, Grandmasters, and Super Grandmaster world freestyle titles. A record that will be difficult to ever duplicate again. Mike and Tam came up with the idea to create an award to honor Doug ‘The Sweeper’s’achievement. Tam is a gifted artist and sculpture and she created a very impressive glass piece and presented it to Doug. All in all it was a great way to cap an incredible day of fun and jam on the San Francisco shore.

Hope you can join us at one of our next jams,

Carl Dobson

2011 Beach Stylers

2011 Beach Stylers
San Diego, CA
November 12-13, 2011

Open pairs Final

1. Matt Gauthier and Dave Lewis
2. Joel Rogers and Dave Schiller
3. Dave Murphy and Arthur Coddington
4. Amy Schiller and Lisa Hunrichs
5. Paul Kenny and Roger Meier
6T. Toddy Brodeur and Steve Scannell;
6T. Bill Wright and Larry Imperiale
8. Tony Pellicane and Cindy St. Mary

Open Pairs Semi A

1. Matt Gauthier and Dave Lewis
2. Bill Wright and Larry Imperiale
3. Amy Schiller and Lisa Hunrichs
4. Paul Kenny and Roger Meier
5. Mark Regalbuti/Dave Zeff
6. Lori Daniels/Danny Cameranesi
7. Jay Moldenhauer/Tom Lasher
8. Billy Kaplan/Z Weyand
9. Glen Whitelock/ Will Thoren

Open Pairs Semi B

1. Dave Murphy and Arthur Coddington
2. Joel Rogers and Dave Schiller
3. Tony Pellicane and Cindy St. Mary
4. Toddy Brodeur and Steve Scannell
5. Bob Boulware/Rodney Sanchez
6. Mike Galloupe/Char Powell
7. Dan Yarnell/Eric Gibbons
8. Willi Williams/Gary Edge
9. Dave Kessler and Alan Caplin

Mob-Op Idol ( jam all day; cast your vote at sunset )

Zen Master ( best man overall ) – Matt Gauthier
Disc Diva Deluxe ( best woman overall ) – Amy Schiller
Death Jammer ( most calories burned ) – Dave Murphy
Kinder Setter ( makes other play better ) – Dan Yarnell
Super Saver ( most tenacious recoveries ) – Bob Boulware
Energizer ( human jam battery ) – Cindy St. Mary
Clamp-o-matic ( timeliest catches ) – schillz
Amazing Grace – ( divine form and flow ) – Char Powell
Zzzzs Wiz ( throwing wizardry ) – Z
Bust-a-Move ( outstanding new jammer ) – Eric Gibbons
Jumping Jack Flash ( gravity defiance ) – Mike Galloupe
Sweet Butta Rolls ( body rolling prowess ) – Toddy Brodeur
Yoda ( disc-penser of jamming wisdom ) – Rodney Sanchez

Roma Fusion 2.0 Results

Roma Fusion 2.0
Rome, Italy
April 2-3, 2011

Pairs Final

1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini 46,3
2. Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna 42,7
3. Andrea Dini/Andrea Sarti 39,6
4. Andrea Rimatori/Claudio Massaro 36,2

Co-op Final

1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini/Mauro Mercuri 35,98
2. Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna/Serge Marconi 30,99
3. Andrea Dini/Andrea Sarti- Fabio Vinciguerra 35,01
4. Andrea Rimatori/Claudio Massaro- Eleonora Imazio 34,01

Open Pairs Semifinal

Pool A
1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini 42,1
2. Andrea Dini/Andrea Sarti 36,9
3. Serge Marconi/Mauro Mercuri 28

Pool B
1. Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna 39,5
2. Andrea Rimatori/Claudio Massaro 33,5
3. Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Vinciguerra 32,8
4. Raffaele Pilla/Paolo Mirabelli 28,3

Coop Semifinal

Pool A
1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini/Mauro Mercuri 38,8
2. Andrea Dini/Andrea Sarti/Fabio Vinciguera 34,9
3. Claudio Cigna/Raffaele Pilla- Paolo Mirabelli 31,9

Pool B
1. Marco Prati/Claudio Cigna/Serge Marconi 37,6
2. Andrea Rimatori/Claudio Massaro- Eleonora Imazio 33,4

2010 Beach Stylers

2010 Beachstylers
Oceanside, CA
November 6-7, 2010

Open Pairs

Final: Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis def. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller


Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller def. Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier
Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis def. Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright


Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller def. Jake Gauthier/Dave Murphy
Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier def. Bob Boulware/Randy Silvey
Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis def. Tony Pellicane/Joel Rogers
Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright def. Toddy Brodeur/Steve Scannell

Round of 16 (partial results):

Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller def. Lori Daniels/Bethany Sanchez
Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier def. Mark Regalbuti/Dave Zeff
Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller def. Lori Daniels/Bethany Sanchez
Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier def. Mark Regalbuti/Dave Zeff
Bob Boulware/Randy Silvey def. Brian Boate/Blake Herrschaft
Tony Pellicane/Joel Rogers def. Rico Schneider/Paul Smith
Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright def. Dave Kessler/Rob
Toddy Brodeur/Steve Scannell def. Danny Cameranesi/Z Weyand

Open Turboshred Final

1. Matt Gauthier
2. Dave Schiller
3. Jake Gauthier
4. Arthur Coddington

Open Turboshred Semis: results coming soon

Women’s Turborshred

1. Amy Schiller
2. Lisa Hunrichs

Mob Op Idol

Bust-a-move (outstanding new jammer) – Brian Boate*
Super Saver (most tenacious saves) – Larry Imperiale
Amazing Grace (outstanding form and flow) – Tony Pellicane
Energizer (human jam battery) – Dave Murphy
Zzzs Wiz (best thrower) – Z Weyand
Clamp-o-Matic (timeliest catches) – Matt Gauthier
Kinder Setter (makes others play better) – Randy Silvey
Death Jammer (most calories burned) – Dave Schiller
Disc Diva Deluxe (outstanding woman jammer) – Lisa Hunrichs
Zen Master (outstanding man jammer) – Jake Gauthier

Airbrush Race

1. Billy Kaplan
2-4. Amy Schiller, Joel Rogers, Tony Pellicane

2010 Super Hein Results

2010 Super Hein
Seaside, OR
July 31 – August 1, 2010
Category: Regular
Code: S25

Super Hein: Randy Silvey
Pairs: Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier
Turboshred: Arthur Coddington
Mob Op: Jake Gauthier event summary

Overall Standings

1. Randy Silvey (292.5)
2. Jake Gautheir (290.5)
3. Matt Gauthier (288.5)
4. Dave Murphy (286.5)
5. Clay Collera (286.5)
6. Matteo Gaddoni (285.5)
7. Arthur Coddington (282.5)
8. Tom Lietner (280.5)
9. Claudio Cigna (272.5)
10. Ofek Agmon (272)
11. Sascha Scherzinger (269)
12. Ryan Young (265.5)
13. Lisa Hunrichs (265)
14. Larry Imperiale (265)
15. Cindy Kruger (253)
16. Paul Kenny (246.5)
17. Kolja Hanneman (245)
18. James Wiseman (241)
19. Z Weyand (239.5)
20. Steve Hays (236)
21. Jeff Kruger (235)
22. Lori Daniels (228)
23. Sarah Bergman (227.5)
24. Daniel O’Neill (227.5)
25. Irena Kulisanova (225)
26. Eleonora Imazio (224)
27. John Titcomb (221)
28. Mike Galloupe (220)
29. Steve Scannell (219.5)
30. Bethany Sanchez (204)
31. Anne Goh (202.5)
32. Tony Pellicane (192)
33. Danny Cameranesi (191.5)
34. Mary Lowry (189.5)
35. Oren Meron (182.5)
36. Judith Haas (174.5)
37. Paul Smith (174.5)
38. Tita Ugalde (167.5)
39. Beth Verish (133.5)

Continue reading “2010 Super Hein Results”

2003 FPA World Championships

2003 FPA Worlds
Rimini, Italy
October, 2003

2003 FPA World Champions

OPEN PAIRS: Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis
OPEN CO-OP: Paul Kenny/Tom Leitner/Sune Wentzel
MIXED PAIRS: Lisa Silvey/Arthur Coddington
WOMEN’S PAIRS: Cindy Kruger/Lisa Silvey


1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (T 76.9; D 24.5; E 27.7; A 24.7)
2. Tom Leitner/Pat Marron (T 70.4; D 23.8; E 26.1; A 20.5)
3. Clay Collera/Paul Kenny (T 68.7; D 22.3; E 25.8; A 20.6)
4. Dave Murphy/Ted Oberhaus (T 68.5; D 22.7; E 26.3; A 19.5)
5. Jake Gauthier/Randy Silvey (T 66.2; D 22.0; E 22.4; A 21.8)
6. Larry Imperiale/Joel Rogers (T 64.9; D 21.4; E 25.3; A 18.2)
7. Sune Wentzel/Reto Zimmerman (T 64.8; D 21.7; E 24.8; A 18.3)
8. Joakim Arveskär/Stefan Karlsson (T 52.2; D 18.5; E 18.7; A 15.0)


1. Paul Kenny/Tom Leitner/Sune Wentzel (T 66.1; D 18.3; E 27.0; A 20.8)
2. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis/Dave Murphy (T 62.6; D 19.0; E 21.8; A 21.8)
3. Toddy Brodeur/Jeff Kruger/Reto Zimmerman (T 58.9; D 15.7; E 24.0; AI 19.2)
4. Jake Gauthier/Larry Imperiale/Pat Marron (T 53.3; D 15.5; E 21.2; A 16.6)
5. Lorenzo Apriani/Fernando Botrugno/Clay Collera (T 44.9; D 13.8; E 14.5; A 16.6)
6. Pipo Lopez/Ted Oberhaus/Scott Sailor (T 40.6; D 14.4; E 12.6; A 13.6)


1. Lisa Silvey/Arthur Coddington (T 58.9; D 18.9; E 22.2; AI 17.8)
2. Bethany Sanchez/Rodney Sanchez (T 56.0; D 14.3; E 23.1; AI 18.6)
3. Anne Graves/Pipo Lopez (T 53.6; D 16.7; E 23.0; AI 13.9)
4. Karolina Hagenbjork/Roland Karlsson (T 52.4; D 12.5; E 25.9; AI 14.0)
5. Cindy Kruger/Paul Kenny (T 52.2; D 16.6; E 17.2; AI 18.4)
6. Judy Robbins/Dave Murphy (T 49.7; D 15.6; E 19.5; AI 14.6)

Women’s Final

1. Cindy Kruger/Lisa Silvey (T 65.1; D 20.7; E 24.8; AI 19.6)
2. Anne Graves/Judy Robbins (T 55.3; D 16.8; E 22.0; AI 16.5)
3. Karolina Hagenbjork/Linda Torngren (T 48.2; D 11.1; E 23.3; AI 13.8)