2014 Jammers Championship

2014 Jammers Championship
Jacksonville Beach, FL
May 31, 2014

The results:


1. Jake Gauthier/Matt Gauthier/Daniel O’Neill
2. Lisa Hunrichs/Emma Kahle/Paul Kenny
3. Pipo Lopez/Giovanni Coppo/Darryl Allen
4. Josh Emerson/Ryan Young/Jeff O’Brien
5. Carl Emerson/Dave Murphy
6. Steve Scannell/Kurt Walter
7. Jay Moldenhauer/Dan Yarnell
8. Allan/Jason Urroz


1. Larry Imperiale/Emma Kahle
2. Jake Gauthier/Lori Daniels
3. Matt Gauthier/Lisa Hunrichs
4. Bethany Sanchez/Dave Murphy
5. Connie Bond/Steve Scannell

Video: http://www.heinsville.com/live-streaming/

2013 The Jammers Open Results

Open Round Results
1st Paul Kenny / Jeff O’Brien / James Wiseman [video]
2nd Tony Pellicane / Ryan Young [video]
3rd Tie Matt Gauthier / Cindy St. Mary [video]
3rd Tie Jake Gauthier / Dave Murphy [video]
5th Daryl Allen / Steve Scannell [video]
6th Lisa Hunrichs / Rodney Sanchez / Jonathan Willett [video]
7th tie Larry Imperiale / Pipo Lopez [video]
7th tie Cookie / Tito Andino / Carl Emerson
9th Geoff Gregory / Craig Simon / Kurt Walters [video]

2013 The Jammers Freestyle Tournament Day 1

Saturday, May 25, 2013 Jacksonville Beach, Florida

The Jammers weekend began Friday with the Tribe slowly gathering on the large expanse of sand in front of Secondo — aka Gitis Central — Jacksonville Beach, Florida. The wind was coming out of the Northwest, not ideal, and was a bit heavy and choppy at times, which presented a nice challenge for all involved. Temps rose to around 90, with the ocean beckoning everyone to join it for cooling dips and dives through the lulling, loping waves.

Mob-ops of various formations morphed and shifted throughout the day, with some smaller sets of people breaking off from time to time. Sorry, I don’t have any jamming details from the day, being invovled in chilling and reconnecting, swimming, beach walking and other forms of relaxation. Jammers sighted at the beach yesterday included: Jake and Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Lori Daniels from Portland; James Wiseman from Austin/NYC; Jeff O’Brien and Larry Imperiale from Colorado; Bethany Sanchez and me from Milwaukee; Dave Murphy from San Diego; Cookie, Jeannie and Pipo from Puerto Rico; Kurt and Cammie Walters from South Carolina; Carl Emerson and Paul Kenny from Jacksonsville Beach; Ryan Young and Cindy St. Mary and Tony Pellicane from Seattle; Vic Ouzian (sp) and Craig Simon from Ft. Lauderdale; Suzanne Strait from Ohio; Connie Bond from Daytona; Nanette and Jeff from Orlando, Heather Gray from Rochester; Steve Scannel from Boston; Chuck Richard from Chicago. Apologies if I’ve left anyone out.

Our wonderful hosts and organizers, Paul and Cheryl Kenny, again have provide a foundation of love and support for the Tribe to land in and shred. The music on the beach sounding great, nice player’s package complete with The Jammers Garlic Gitis Sauce, heat level: Hein. The Jammers is always a relaxing, open space to get down to jamming, hang out with friends, and enjoy the ebb and flow of the pulsing ocean, beach jam scene. What a gift from Paul and Cheryl year after year. Many thanks for everything!

The Spread the Jam YouTube Channel production team has been busy first thing in the morning on both Thursday and Friday, and plan to continue on into the weekend. Camera crew and jammers have been meeting on the beach at sunrise to capture the joy of the jam during magic light time. Bands of various hues of red rising along the horizon as backdrop, ocean rolling in, flat, hard pack beach as platform, a beautiful scene to capture the sport we love.

We celebrated two birthdays last night, with Mary Zurn and Lisa Hunrichs both turning 50 on the weekend: Mary’s on Thursday, and Lisa’s Friday. A large contigent of hungry jammers descended on Mezza Luna for dinner. Beverages were quafed. Food taken. Friends reconnecting and birthday wishes singing. A nice way to end the first day of the long weekend.

Wind is predicted to be strong again today. The swirling forces of the atmosphere have shifted to the Northeast, which means lower temps and a steader wind flow.

Stay tuned for more informaiton as the weekend unfolds.

2012 Jammers Championship

2012 Jammers Championship
Jacksonville Beach, FL
June 2-3, 2012

Open Pairs
1. Jake Gauthier/Dave Murphy
2. Paul Kenny/Daniel O’Neill/James Wiseman
3. Arthur Coddington/Pipo Lopez
4. Jeff O’Brien/Jonathan Willett
5. Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright
6. Tony Pellicane/Cindy St. Mary/Ryan Young
7. Tito Andino/Manuel “Cuqui” Viner
8. Greg Hosfeld/Emma Kahle
9. Carl Emerson/Josh Emerson
10. Geoff Gregory/Bernie Murray/Kurt Walter

Mixed Pairs

1. Emma Kahle/Ryan Young
2. Bethany Sanchez/Paul Kenny
3. Cindy St. Mary/Tony Pellicane
4. Jeannie Ortiz/Pipo Lopez