2007 Cittá di Milano

Torneo Cittá di Milano
Milan, Italy
September 22-23, 2007

1 ) Antonio "Piccio"†Cusmá
2 ) Matteo Feller
3) Andrea Meola
4) Fabio "Perkins" Percario
5) Fabio Caruso
5) Sergio Arrighi
5) Valerio Accorsio Napoli
6) Alessandro Berra
7) Silvia Caruso
8) Andrea Corizzo
8) Davide Serlenga
9) Davide "Jazz" Bianchi

The Weight Of Execution

It’s only one year I take part in freestyle tournament, and I’ve to say that in every occasion I have learnt something more about style, about way of playing and, of course, about judging. The first category I had to judge, at my first tournament, was execution. Fortunately that’s not so difficult. After at Paganello I had to judge difficulty for the first time, and at this last FPA I had the occasion to judge Artistic impression more than once, so now I think I have understood a bit of every category, so I can give my opinion.

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