Connectivity – from Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Vol. 2

Here is a sneak preview from the soon to be released Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Volume 2.

Z Weyand and I each had our personal missions on this new DVD. It was my goal to include a clear and easy to follow section defining and demonstrating consecutivity on our 2nd DVD. Here it is at last.

In my opinion, Consecutivity is the most powerful technique there is to improve your overall freestyle game. But a lot of players are confused about what is really consecutive. I think the reason it has been misunderstood is that the word itself doesn’t describe what one should focus on.

That’s why Z and I decided to rename this technique CONNECTIVITY. The technique focuses on connecting moves together. It focuses on linking moves together without breaking up your combo with the basic “the” nail delay or with any other breaks in flow such as long pauses or hesitations. A player should focus on connecting the moves, the combos, the co-ops. Hence the term Connectivity.

Anyway, check out the segment. This video is just the beginning of what can be said of Connectivity. There will be more to come in in the future. Also Arthur Coddington’s article The Year of Consecutivity is a great description as well.


Dave Lewis