German Freestyle Championships in Berlin

About one year ago there was a tournament in Nurnberg, the Jam&Go tournament. I remember I’ve seen new faces, new freestylers I’ve never seen before. I remember their amazing level of gameplay (for being beginners), I remember the fun I had with them and the friendship that was growing. That was less than one year ago…

A long journey by car from Trieste through Austria and through all Germany (14 hours), together with Eleonora(now shredding with me almost everytime 🙂 ), Andrea and Paola(willing to visit Berlin and to see with their eyes their first freestyle tournament).
We arrived in the biggest city I’ve ever been and one of the most important city in Europe. Few other cities have the history that Berlin has.

We stayed for the whole journey in Arne’s ex-flat, his kindness was the top, as always!

I meet again with the great people I’ve meet in Nurnberg, we had party and much talking and when we start jamming I realized how all of them improved so much!Almost all of them playing both spins, against the spin, showing many different spinning catches, good control of delay and brush and crazy stuff like barrel, flamingitis pull, connecting neurons, rings of saturn…and much more I couldn’t realize!!!

The tournament took place as Tommy wrote "in a state of art gym", with wooden floor, ceiling and walls!

30 Players competed in the tournament several times (2 times on Saturday for preliminaries, Semifinals and Finals on Sunday).
The level of gameplay was just amazing, it was really hard to say till the last moment who the winner could be! But the veteran Hartmut Wahrmann and the young but Bogus Bull built a great routine, with good variety and difficulty and only two drops!The crowd was amazed!

After the tournament we jammed the whole day and personally I jammed the day after with Kolja, Markus H., Philip and Jan S.
We jammed the whole day both spins on a perfect grass in front of the Reichstag (Parliament).

We didn’t leave Berlin till thursday. We had a pasta dinner at Kolja’s house and we visited Berlin also with him as personal guide.

Some of those memories will fade away, but some of them will always be in my mind building the best moments of my life, thanks to all of you my friends!

– Fabio

The official results for the tournament are:

01. Hartmut Wahrmann / Buguslav Bul (Dortmund Germany)
02. Fabio Sann / Eleonora Imazio (Italy)
03. Kolja Hannemann / Markus Hein (Berlin Germany)
04. Tom Leitner / Nico Bernold (USA / Swiss)
05. Iwan de Moor / Jan Soerensen (Netherlands/ Denmark)
06. Tobias Doehner / Florian Hess (Munich/ Karlsruhe Germany)
07. Laurent Mess / Carsten Heim (Ludwigsburg Germany)
08. Heiko Voigt / Chris Lamred (Karlsruhe Germany)
09. Jan Schreck / Anto Capellmann (Berlin Germany)
Philipp Lenarz / Peter Rujan (Berlin Germany)
11. Markus Goetz / Philipp Stahl (Nuremberg/ Berlin Germany)
Arne Bratenstein / Markus Janssen (Berlin Germany)
13. Holger Hill / Ronny Koch (Dortmund / Ludwigsburg Germany)
14. Martin Stadler / Stefan Duenkel (Heidelberg Germany)
15. Paola Calabrese / Oliver Baczko (Italy/ Berlin Germany)

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  1. Thank you, Fabio!!
    I think for the most of us german jammers, the jamandgo last year was the first time, to meet a freestyler like you.
    Last year you left us infected with the Freestyle Virus, so we should blame you for the most of our growth in this sport 🙂
    For me, the last weekend was one of the best i ever had (including our jam on monday and the dinner on tuesday!) and i want to thank all the jammers that were in Berlin- you

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