I need to rim delay!

Can anyone tell me how to rim delay properly mine only last for a few seconds before slowing and turning around my finger. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Well, the first thing is to make sure only your nail is touching the disc, no skin, because skin contact slows the disc dramatically.
    Secondly, it depends on your nails. Are you using plastic? If you are, then try a different sort, some plastics just slow down the disc too quickly
    Thirdly, if the problems is skin contact, rather than nails (i mean that the disc just rides into your skin because of its procession), than try some with the spin cranks (in the rim) to get the feel of a wrist cycle (you can read about cranks on heinsville.com). This will help you keep nail-only contact.

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  2. PS
    check out the FPA forums on freestyledisc.org/learn_to_jam/ as well if you have more questions. There have been several interesting how-to threads there recently

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  3. Don’t forget to spray the disc with silicone spray. It must be slick. Curve
    your finger so you only let the nail touch the disc. With a rim delay you either
    you’re moving your hand in the direction of the spin, or you’re turning your
    wrist. A rim delay really only needs to last for at the very most a couple of
    seconds. For example, let’s say it’s clock spin, if you do an under the rim
    delay with your left hand under your right leg, it should take between a half a
    second and a second to do the rim delay, then you release the disc.
    A behind the back rim pull, there is a lot of wrist motion and after you pull
    the disc from behind your back you should release it into the air and then
    move on to the next move. This move could take two seconds.

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