Just a simple question about execution

After reflecting on Worlds in Bologna I extracted one question about judging, which I may ask to the freestyle community.
Judging Difficulty needs some concentration, knowledge and experience.
Judging AI needs even more concentration, knowledge and experience.
BUT judging Execution needs by far the lowest concentration, knowledge and experience.
Why is the Execution kept so simple?
Why do we not put more intelligence in Execution?
I think counting drops and non restricted catches is by far not enough to reflect the execution of a routine!
What do you Think?

2 Replies to “Just a simple question about execution”

  1. Jan, I agree. Even though Execution can be an easy judging assignment, judges can also strive to be EXPERT execution judges. Deducting for drops is easy, but we should challenge ourselves to deduct for small errors and to apply the same standards to all teams.
    This will lead us to some of the questions at hand in the Jammers article about risk versus reward. If judges are documenting all errors, perhaps there are errors that are not as important as we thought. Perhaps some are more important and should receive a larger deduction (for instance, maybe an intentional THE catch in a world level final should be considered below world standard and equal to a drop).
    Since we are all casual judges, we can all work to become better at judging. It helps our fellow competitors, and it helps us understand freestyle better.

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