scarecrow catch

I’ve been trying to pull off a scarecrow and am finding it really hard. It’s really fustrating. I’ve been setting it up flat from a left hand delay and then trying to catch it with my right. Usually it hits my hand but i just cant do it! Any tips or advice would be great.



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  1. Ben,
    Don’t give up! You are about to catch the crow. This is exactly how it is
    learned. You have the set. You’re making contact with your catching hand.
    With some more practice, you will start catching it. One suggestion is to try
    grabbing the disc before it hits your hand. Anticipate the catch.
    Another possibility is to have a friend help. If a friend can hold the disc in
    crow position for you, you can practice swinging your arm around and
    grabbing the disc. Lorenzo Apriani actually created a rig in his home to do
    this. The disc hangs down at shoulder height, and he can practice crows all
    day and night if he wants.

  2. When I was learning the crow, I got it pretty quick. The trick to the trick for me was this – dont try to catch the disc from the front (the side closest to you), grab it kind of from the back or the side. But, maybe that is the reason I only caught a crow from a throw once…
    I kind of set it in front of me and then rotate to make the catch

    No jump, no catch!

  3. Ah, also, check out disccast ep. 5, arthur gives a how-to on the scarecrow 😉 Disccast – goood. Tho I like the interviews and discussions

    No jump, no catch!

  4. I did a crow! I only did it once from about 30 tries but i started closing my hand before it hit and it worked! I’ll try and get it better before the 9th of july, and hopefully i’ll be able to show you in milton keynes.
    many thanks, Ben.

  5. Good to hear that Ben, congratulations 🙂
    You said you set the disc from a delay. I would suggest to first do it from a self-set first, it takes much less time to throw the disk to yourself this way.
    As Arthur said – you are about to get it, just practice and be patient. Goodluck!

    “If the ball could choose, it would be a frisbee”

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