Scarecrow Catches

I can delay, brush, and roll and can do btb, bth, trail, and other simple 1-hand catches, but have found it difficult to learn the scarecrow catch.
About half the time my arm hits, a quarter of the time my hand touches the disc, but I’ve only hit the scarecrow a few times out of a hundred attempts.
Any tips?

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  1. The scarecrow is an elusive catch. Because it is a blind catch, you need to
    develop a certain radar about where the disc is. In the beginning, that takes
    some guesswork, some faith. If you are a Star Wars fan, think of it as using
    The Force to locate the disc for the catch. Confidence is key, so even if you
    are not sure you will catch the disc, pretend to be confident, grab for the
    disc, and see what happens.
    Also, find a practice method that is the same every time. Some people have
    had success hanging a disc at shoulder height, then learning to grab at a
    stationary disc. I learned my right-handed crow by doing a right-handed
    behind the back pull, setting the disc at my left shoulder, pretending to
    deflect the disc with my left hand (this gives you an idea of where the disc
    is), then turning my shoulders right and grabbing. Do whatever works best
    for you.

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