The Baltic Sun Prayer Session

the freestyle magazin baltic sun prayer session

Graal-M¸ritz, Germany
Jun 11-13 2010

Finally the bottle post including the results of the Baltic sun prayer session was found in the Spree close the Berlin Jammers headquarter the Reichstag. It made all the way from the Baltic see through lots of small rivers beautiful ponds and lakes.

The Freestyle Final results are:
1. Kolja Hannemann + Waldemar ‘Waldi’ Wagner
2. Bianca ‘Bibi’ Strunz + Tim Pattberg
3. Jan Schreck + Tobias ‘Canone’ Burzan
4. Pavel Baranyk + Jiri Weiss
5. Sascha Hoehne + Thomas ‘Noetzi’ Noetzel
5. Jakub ‘Mystique’ Matula + John Coxhead
7. Jason McGlade + Jan ‘Mahony’ Zahradnicek

the MTA top 3 are:
1. Abel, Jean Marie 9,43 s
2. Marter, Greg 7,55 s
3. Zahradnicek, Jan ‘Mahony’ 5.76 s

The offical review and many photos can be found on the FSM blog:…r-session/

another nice review comes from the Cologne jammers:…al-anders/