The best color for a disc

Hi jammers out there!

I have two questions to the community:

1. Which tournaments are counted as majors?

2. I’d like to start a discussion: What’s the best color for a disc?

I know we had a poll about that on shrednow already and a discussion on jammers on the net recently and it seems like, that the majority of jammers favors white discs. But why? Because you seem them better during the dusk?
For me the most important feature is the slickness of a disc. That’s why i prefer yellow discs. I feel that in most cases the spin lasts longer with them.
And that’s another interesting point to me: why only in most cases? Sometimes I buy a really good disc and I think: o.k. let’s buy five more, but then the rest is "crap". Why is that? I don’t get it! I’m curious about your answers,


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  1. Phillip,
    Currently, the major titles are the FPA Worlds and the WFDF Overall
    Championships. In the past, other tournaments have been considered major
    titles: US Open, Rose Bowl, World Disc Championships (Santa Cruz), etc.
    For me, I like yellow discs in the cooler weather and white discs in the hotter
    weather. Yellow tend to be softer, so in cold weather they are more forgiving
    on the hands. White discs tend to retain their shape and speed even on
    plastic meltingly hot days.

  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’ve been noticing this quite a lot lately, too. I’ve had the same experience with yellow discs retaining their precious ZZZs longer than their white counterparts (I’ve never played with a pink or blue disc). Moreover, I’ve had much better luck with discs with the standard stamping. A batch of FPA ’05 discs with the clever stamp-stamping I have feels really… dull(?). I don’t know if it’s just perception, voodoo, alien conspiracy or what, but it really does seem like those discs don’t like being delayed. On the bright side, they’re great for giving away, and they have the FPA site’s URL stamped on them. 😉
    The temperature here seldomly rises to the mid 30s (~95F), so I’ve not witnessed the discrepencies (bad pun, ahoy!) you mentioned, Arthur, though it is something to keep in mind for a scorching Italian tournament.
    Does anyone know if this is Discraft tweaking their recipe or just tolerances in action?


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