2004 FPA Worlds: Monday’s Jam

Pat Marron flies high over the Adriatic Sea to catch a gitis.

Edoardo Favorini lays out for a beach gitis.

Lori Daniels in the midst of one of her signature cartwheels.

Lorenzo Apriani reaches for a gitis, watched by a few onlookers
who probably could not catch a gitis.

Slam! Pat Marron nails an aerial crow

Clay Collera in perfect position for a double spinning arvon pull.

The boys line up for he next throw

Dave Lewis extends for a Tommy Kick.

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  1. Where is the springboard he used to get that high 🙂 Pat Marron flies like he has Helium in his lungs…

    “The Gordie Howe” of Freestyle 😀

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