2006 Indian Summer

The resurrection of Indian Summer coincided with what else but…indian summer. Two 80+ degree days and a sweet wind on Sunday were heaven for the freestylers.

The competition used the pinball judging system, which rewards a mix of difficulty and hitting specific bonus moves during a routine. Three bonus moves were worth up to five points each, depending on the quality shown. Three super bonus moves were worth either 5 points or 0 points. If you did the move successfully, you got 5. Otherwise, zippo. Add a difficulty mark from 1-10 to get each team’s finals score.

For the pro division, bonus points were given out for a roll to a teammate’s catch, a brushing run and an aerial catch. Super bonuses were given out for a footbrush, a multiple spinning catch and a turnover.

For the amateur division, bonuses were given for a tipping combo, an airbrush to a catch, and a nail delay. Super bonuses were given for a bodyroll, a footbrush and any trick catch besides a UTL or THE.

The final Pro results shook out like this:

1. Skippy Jammer/Arthur Coddington (31.4 points)
2. Greg Riley/Scott Weaver (25.6)
3. Mark Regalbuti/Carolyn Yabe (25.5)
4. Carl Dobson/Doug Korns (24.3)
5. Bob Gossett/Dan Exelby/Tom Ford (23.2)
6. Scott Riley/Pete Sontag (18.7)
7. Mike Ruzicka/Amy Campbell/Jeff Fiedler (4.2)
8. Sweet Lou/Big Ter (3.2)

Amateur Division

1. Josh Walton/FJ

2 Replies to “2006 Indian Summer”

  1. It seems like a cool event Arthur!
    What was the location? Beach, grass, …?
    Congrats to you and Skippy for the won. I whish I would have been there!


  2. Fabio, the coolest part of the event was that it was a revival of an old
    tradition. The Indian Summer overall tournament was a huge deal for many
    years on the tournament schedule. It faded away, but the tournament team
    this year brought it back and they intend to keep it going. Indian Summer is
    especially famous in freestyle as the site of the throwless/dropless routine by
    Joey Hudoklin and Richie Smits in 1981.
    The tournament is on the grass on the grounds of Sonoma State University.
    Skippy told me a little about the history of the particular field we played on.
    Let’s just say this field has a deep relationship to freestyle.
    If you were there, Fabio, maybe we wouldn’t have won…

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