2006 Jammy Award Winners Announced

The winners of the 2006 Jammy Awards have been announced. Winners are listed below in the extended text, to avoid revealing any spoilers. Full stories behind the winners are at the Jammy link above.

FPA Lifetime Achievement Award:

Bill Wright, Mary Lowry, Arthur Coddington, Larry Imperiale, Tommy Leitner, Skippy Jammer, Bethany Sanchez, Dave Marini and Lui Tasini!

Joey Hudoklin Men’s Player of the Year Award:

Fabio Sanna, Matt Gauthier and Jake Gauthier

The Stacy Woman’s Player of the Year Award:

Eleanora Imazio

The Skippy Jammer/Bill Wright Crusty Guru Jam Master Award:

Claudio “Clay” Collera

Most Missed:

Anne Graves

Most Underrated:

Mary Lowry

Comeback of the Year:

Darryl Allen

Up and Comer (formerly Rookie) of the Year:

Silvia Caruso, Balazs Major and Gergo Nemeth

Dave Schiller Most Turbo Award:

Bianca Strunz and Antonio Piccione

Bethany Sanchez/Mary Lowry Spirit of the Jam Award:

Lorenzo Apriani

Tommy Leitner Move of the Year:

Rodney Sanchez and Fabio Sanna


Turin Olympic Village demos

Paganello Tournament of the Year:

Berlin FPA Worlds

Jan Ekman/Clay Collera Male International Player of the Year:

Fabio Sanna

Female International Player of the Year:

Eleanora Imazio

Erwin and Jens Velasquez Routine of the Year Award:

Fabio Sanna and Eleanora Imazio, Mixed Pairs at FPA Worlds