2007 Italian Open

Lorenzo Apriani asked me to reprint this article by Tom Leitner from fristail.it I edited it slightly to remove some basic background about freestyle:

Players from across Italy, Germany, America and the Czech Republic gathered at Corallo Beach in Ostia for the Italian Open of freestyle frisbee.

Several of the worlds top ranked players competed including current world champions Fabio Sanna, Antonio Piccioni Cusma and Eleonora Imazio.

The German Champion Florian Hess teamed up with many time world champ Tom Leitner from Santa Cruz, California to win the open pairs division. Local Roman players Lorenzo Apriani and Edoardo Favorini also teamed with Tom to take the Co-op title, while Fabio and Eleonora won the mixed division.

Sunny skies and constant beach wind greeted the players and spectators as 16 pairs teams, 10 co-op and 5 mixed teams competed. Teams were judged on the artistic and technical merits of the moves they completed.

Many congratulations to all the winners and top finishers!

See you next year! A Tutto Gas!

Italian Open
Corallo Beach
Ostia, Italy
September 15-16, 2007

Open Pairs Final

1. Tom Leitner/Florian Hess 42.7
T2. Clay Coller·/Claudio Cigna 37.3
T2. Fabio Sanna/Antonio Piccione Cusma 37.3
4. Alessandro Damiano/Edoardo Favorini 35.9
5. Lorenzo Apriani/Mauro Mercuri 34
6. Danilo Torzolini/Claudio Massaro 32
7. Jan ‘Dexter’ Struz/Pavel Bazanyk 31.6
8. Andrea Rimatori/Luca “Moxie” Mazzuccato Did not play

Open Co-op Final

1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini/Lorenzo Apriani 46
2. Andrea Rimatori/Luca “Moxie” Mazzuccato/Claudio Massaro 38
3. Danilo Torzolini/Fabio Sanna/Antonio Piccioni Cusma 36
4. Jan ‘Dexter’ Struz/Pavel Bazanyk/Jan Zahradnicek 34.1
5. Clay Coller·/Claudio Cigna/Florian Hess 33.8
6. Paolo Mirabelli/Alessandro Damiano/Mauro Mercuri 32.2
7. Judith Haas/Alessandro Coller·/Eleonora Imazio 22.7

Mixed Pairs Final

1. Fabio Sanna/Eleonora Imazio 41.3
2. Florian Hess/Judith Haas 38.5
3. Lorenzo Apriani/Fabiana Ciciriello 29
4. Francesca Cherici/Edoardo Favorini 27.6
5. Francesca Iasenzio/Claudio Massaro 25.1

Co-op “B Final” (top team advances to final)

1. Paolo Mirabelli/Alessandro Damiano/Mauro Mercuri 36.2
2. Stefano Bellucci Sessa/Simone Italiano/Fabrizio De Rossi 25.1
3. Paolo Cipolloni/Raffaele Pilla/Serge Marconi 22.9
4. Roberto Pizzi/Marco De Lucia/Claudio Pietrarelli 22.3

Open Co-op Semi Pool A

1. Clay Coller·/Claudio Cigna/Florian Hess 41.9
2. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini/Lorenzo Apriani 32.9

3. Jan ‘Dexter’ Struz/Pavel Bazanyk/Jan Zahradnicek 28.1
4. Stefano Bellucci Sessa/Simone Italiano/Fabrizio De Rossi 23
5. Paolo Cipolloni/Raffaele Pilla/Serge Marconi 22

Open Co-op Semi Pool B

1. Andrea Rimatori/Luca “Moxie” Mazzuccato/Claudio Massaro 43.5
2. Danilo Torzolini/Fabio Sanna/Antonio Piccioni Cusma 52.5
3. Judith Haas/Alessandro Coller·/Eleonora Imazio 23.6
4. Roberto Pizzi/Marco De Lucia/Claudio Pietrarelli 22.9
5. Paolo Mirabelli/Alessandro Damiano/Mauro Mercuri late arrival

Open Pairs Semis Pool A

1. Tom Leitner/Florian Hess 46.3
2. Clay Coller·/Claudio Cigna 42.6
3. Lorenzo Apriani/Mauro Mercuri 40.5
4. Danilo Torzolini/Claudio Massaro 35.7
5. Stefano Bellucci Sessa/Simone Italiano 31.1
6. Serge Marconi/Raffaele Pilla 29.2
7. Claudio Pietrarelli/Paolo Cipolloni 28
8. Fabiana Ciciriello/Marco De Lucia 26.2

Open Pairs Semis Pool B

1. Andrea Rimatori/Luca “Moxie” Mazzuccato 41.6
2. Alessandro Damiano/Edoardo Favorini 39.6
3. Fabio Sanna/Antonio Piccioni Cusma 37.3
4. Jan ‘Dexter’ Struz/Pavel Bazanyk 31.7
5. Judith Haas/Alessandro Coller· 28.9
6. Paolo Mirabelli/Paolo Braico 27.9
7. Eleonora Imazio/Jan Zahradnicek 25.4
8. Fabrizio De Rossi/Roberto Pizzi 21.8