2008 FPA Worlds – Day 4 Midday Report

Short break in the action as we prepare for the last final of the day – co-op. Another super hot, 95 degree day. No results yet, but here’s some highlights of today’s action:


Bianca Strunz & Judith Haas played the cleanest routine from early in the finals. Bianca peeled out and hit every move she wanted (except one). Playing last, Lisa Hunrichs and Cindy Kruger played a solid, high diff, entertaining routine that will likely be the winner once the numbers are announced.

Open Pairs
Heartbreak early in the finals as Flo Hess re-injured his shoulder coming out of a huge gitis only one minute into his performance. He and Carsten Heim were unable to continue. Several teams dedicated their routines to Flo afterwards.

The last four teams all put in huge performances. Dave Lewis/Pat Marron had a two drop routine. Jake and Matt Gauthier had a few more drops (5?) in a very intricate, Gauthier-style show. Tom Leitner and Dave Schiller matched Dave/Pat’s two drop performance. Then, Larry Imperiale and Fabio Sanna closed the finals with a one drop routine. It could be anyone’s title.

Mixed Pairs
Looks like the title will come down to two teams – Amy & Dave Schiller and Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier. Both had 2-3 drops, so it’s up to the judges to decide which one edges the other.