Are You Ready To Shred

For many freestylers, individual competitions do not mesh with the throw/catch origins of freestyle flying disc. How can you play “true” freestyle without another player to throw to you, to feed off of, to co-op with?

Inevitably when speaking to fans or the media, the question comes up: who’s the best player? Everyone has their opinions on who the best jammers were/are, and who the best competitive teams were/are, but until now the sport hasn’t had a way to determine who the best individual player is on a given day. Turboshred attempts to do that.

Turboshred is a new kind of freestyle competition that measures individual performance while maintaining the spirit of a jam. Turboshred competitions are all about hitting your biggest moves. They demand that you bring your A-game, and they don’t penalize you for missing. In Turboshred, you may have to attempt moves beyond what you thought were your personal limits – just to advance out of the first round.

Turboshred is not about proving once and for all who the best player is. It’s about creating a new showcase for the sickest freestyle moves. It’s about encouraging all players to push their skills to the next level. It’s about getting us all talking about what moves are truly difficult.

Turboshred is a new, experimental format, and I am very excited to invite you to test it out. I’m going to schedule some low-key Turboshred competitions over the next year. I encourage you to do the same. Invite your friends. Do it on the spur of the moment. See if the format works for all skill levels. Change the rules and see what works. Most importantly, use Turboshred as an excuse to get together and jam hard.