Wanting info for nail kits

Hi everyone, I have seen the nail kit ads on the Shrednow site. I was wondering how they work. Can you make your own freestyle nails with them or do you apply an acrylic coating to build up your own nails? Does anyone use them and if so how effective are they?
Rawiri Walker (Jammer Down Under)

Best place to jam

I was in Whangamata (NZ east coast) a couple of weeks ago. The wind was just right. Too much for my whiz ring so thought I would try the 160 gram free styler. Perfect. Kept air brushing that disc for ages. My hand was sore after a couple of hours but learnt a lot in the process. Take care everyone.
Rawiri walker

Whiz Rings

Hi everyone, spent the weekend playing with my new Whiz Ring from Heinsville.com. Was really awesome. I learnt UTL airbrush and hand guides, chest rolls (the rolls still need a bit of work though) and almost pulled off a scarecrow brush. If you havent tried one I suggest you do. They are really cool.

Help With Clock

Hi everyone. I’ve only been jamming a couple of months now, ever since I got the Profreestyle DVD from the FPA. Great stuff!

I’ve now got the nail delay pretty good, but only in the counter direction. And only on my right hand. (I’m right handed too by the way). And all my friends can only throw clock to me.
Any suggestions for now trying clock on my right hand? I’m having real difficulty doing this spin.

PS By the way, when learning the delay I actually found it easier to delay the disc upside down. Anyone else find this?

Sydney Jammers

I posted a request awhile back for any local jammers in Auckland, NZ. however there was no response to that. But I’m gonna be in Sydney Australia in early July. Anyone know of any Aussie freestylers?