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Hi everyone. I’ve only been jamming a couple of months now, ever since I got the Profreestyle DVD from the FPA. Great stuff!

I’ve now got the nail delay pretty good, but only in the counter direction. And only on my right hand. (I’m right handed too by the way). And all my friends can only throw clock to me.
Any suggestions for now trying clock on my right hand? I’m having real difficulty doing this spin.

PS By the way, when learning the delay I actually found it easier to delay the disc upside down. Anyone else find this?

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  1. Persistance is my best advice. I had trouble learning counter on my left
    hand. I needed to practice for an entire winter to finally hold a stable delay.

    It helps to be able to do a self-set. That way, you can
    practice when you are not with friends.

    Give yourself lots of room to practice. When the disc starts to fall off the
    center, chase it around as you try to get your finger back to the center.
    When you can get the disc back to the center, you know the delay.
    Eventually, you won’t have to move around so much.

  2. Thanx Arthur, Youre right, I just need to persist with it. Im glad you mentioned the learning curve you went through for left handed clock. It makes me feel like I can do this if I just stay with it.

    Rawiri Walker

  3. Hi, Ive been practicising self setting using clock spin. I now have a clock delay on my left hand (which only took a long day of hard practice) But am having a bit of trouble with clock on the right hand. The longest I have had it on a delay is about 3 seconds. But Im working on it. Will let you know when I have it down pat.
    Take care.

    Rawiri Walker

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