Best place to jam

I was in Whangamata (NZ east coast) a couple of weeks ago. The wind was just right. Too much for my whiz ring so thought I would try the 160 gram free styler. Perfect. Kept air brushing that disc for ages. My hand was sore after a couple of hours but learnt a lot in the process. Take care everyone.
Rawiri walker

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  1. Dave Lewis and I visited Palm Park in Santa Barbara on Saturday. We were on
    the way to a demo at a resort called Bacara. Palm Park is reknowned as the best
    jam field in the world, with lush grass, perfect wind and in its heyday a huge
    population of world class jammers.

    Unfortunately, Palm Park seems to have fallen on hard times. The grass is
    uneven, with lots of dirt patches, and the ground is uneven. The city must
    not be caring for it anymore. It was hard to find a place safe enough to jam.

    One thing hasn’t changed though. The wind is still perfect. It is a light
    breeze that seems to slightly lift the disc, giving you a little more time to
    complete every move. The wind is almost good enough to make up for the
    deterioration of the field itself.

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