Brag: Doubles

Triples, quads, 5’s! Those people are mutants. Anything more than two spins is just self-indulgent. Double spinning moves are where it’s at, and they are plenty hard. Talk about your quest for a double, or the double you are most proud of, or the double that blew you away when you saw it.

2 Replies to “Brag: Doubles”

  1. I have managed do the following variations on a 720 lefthanded gitisbrush with a counter spinning disc:
    1. 720 lh g-brush to a leftfooted kickbrush to a lefthanded tron catch
    2. 720 lh g-brush to a brush series that ended with a 360 righthanded gitis catch.
    3. 720 lh g-brush to rightfooted kickbrush to a lefthanded bad attitude catch
    Next on the docket…a 1080 lh g-brush and maybe some righthanded attempts

  2. LGB—>what part of mutanTexas are you from?

    “The Gordie Howe” of Freestyle 😀

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