Cigna/Collera Make TV Talent Show Final

This week, Claudio Cigna and Clay Collera have appeared each night on Scalo 76, a talent show where acts battle for a week and the in studio audience votes on the winners. On Monday, they placed 2nd of 6 acts in the voting behind only a bicycle stunt guy, who promptly chose to battle them the next day in an elimination round. Surprise surprise, Clay and Claudio defeated the biker on Tuesday. The biker somehow won his way back into the Wednesday show, which was another seeding round. This time Clay and Claudio were in the lead until the last two acts, then ended up 3rd behind the biker (again!) and another act. The entire show is available here (Clay and Claudio perform about 21 minutes into the show).

The biker is either mentally challenged or is playing a risky strategy of battling on a popular act because he chose to go up against Clay and Claudio again today – and lost again, giving Claudio and Clay a spot in the 4 team final tomorrow. The biker – again – somehow backdoored his way into the 4th final spot when they measured the popularity of the losing performers.

Best of luck to our freestyle heroes tomorrow in the finals as they go up against a rap group, masochistic biker boy, and (I think) a card trick performer.

UPDATE: In the final show, there were two head-to-head matchups. The winners of those matchups competed for first place. Clay and Claudio battled a musical group, and unfortunately they did not win that first match.