Dear Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus

Like every year, Iím here in this nice shrednow-frisbee-square to write a letter for you.

This year has been so intense and great for us:
so many new players, such big tournaments, such lovely eventsÖ
and it was not difficult for us to be ìgoodî and ìsmilyî.

So, I think we have a good opportunity to receive some gifts from you.

For the new year, so, we ask to you:

A lot of tournaments (with sun, blue sky, no rain, no snow, with wind but not like a tornado or only Pipo Lopez can play), new players around the world (especially in Sardinia, Brasil, and Patagonia, because I want to do some tournaments in this placesÖ), great routines, fantastic feeling, frisbee with nice colours, and music, wonderful music.

Like every year I ask you the same things too:
peace in the world, and love for all, and justiceÖso, you donít forget them, like every year!

Have a nice day, my sweet Santa Claus, we wait you!


My dear freestylers, I hope the new year will be fantastic for all.
and I hope we will spend together a lot of our free-time, on the fields, the beaches, the squares around the world, playing Frisbee, and speaking and laughing, as a fantastic, wonderful, incredible group of friends, like we are, it must be.