DiscCast 14 – With Larry Imperiale (Part 2)


Feburary’s episode, number 14, brings you the second part of Larry’s
, where he enlightens us this time about his own personal freestyle career. Though this is a more concise episode than normal, we do have another special one-off segment, as we play a radio interview with DiscCast hosts John and Joe that was aired earlier in the month on a UK radio station.

Episode 14 Timeline-

1. Intro (0:00-1:15)
2. World Freestyle News (1:17-5:18)
3. FPA News (5:19-8:08)
4. DiscCast Interview – Larry Imperiale on the FPA. (8:10-36:00)
5. Radio Lancashire Interview John and Joe. (36:01-41:10)
7. Conclusion and Goodbye (41:12-THE END)

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