DiscCast Extra

Hey Jammers,

Today we are proud to announce the return of `DiscCast – The Frisbee Freestyle PodCast‘ in the form of `DiscCast Extra‘.

DiscCast Extra has been designed to allow us to keep DiscCast going but without committing ourselves to full length monthly episodes (which require much time and hard work). Instead, DiscCast will be released occasionally in one-off specials that will be shorter and have just one main feature. These features will include things such as interviews, discussions, how-to segments and news updates.

Coming soon to DiscCast Extra will be interviews with several time World
Champion and star of the 2003 Nike commercial Dave Murphy, and Female
legend of the game Judy Robbins. So keep your eyes pealed for these.

However, we are pleased to announce that the first DiscCast Extra flies into
action with a superb interview from John `Z’ WeyandÖ one of the true
pioneers of our sport.


To download our interview with Z, use the link above, or find/subscribe to the podcast on the iTunes podcast directory. (Click HEREto get iTunes) This episode is also available on Podcast Alley.

Please do give us some feedback on the show – we’re eager to
hear from you! Contact us at ukdiscstyle@yahoo.co.uk
or discuss the podcast on the FPA


John and Joe