DiscCast: The Frisbee Freestyle Podcast

DiscCast is an all-new monthly podcast all about Frisbee Freestyle! Created by Joe McCrave and John Coxhead,
the members of team ukDiscstyle, the show is UK-Based, but designed to be able to inform and entertain the global freestyle community. The first podcast of its kind, DiscCast will be ever-developing – expect all kinds of features, ranging from news and results, to guests, interviews, in-depth discussions and anything else regarding this unique and compelling
sport. Episode 1 is now available for download, visit ukDiscstyle’s
DiscCast Page for more information.

What is a podcast?

Originating from the words “ipod” and “broadcast”, a podcast is a type of radio show; designed to be listened to online, on your computer, or ‘on the road’ (this can be on any mp3 or CD player – an iPod is not essential)! Podcasts can be downloaded, it is completely free to do so, and can therefore be listened to whenever and wherever you choose. Podcasts can cover any conceivable subject, and can be anything from talk shows to comedic skits – the possibilities are endless.

Downloading / Subscribing to DiscCast

There are two main ways to listen to DiscCast:

1. iTunes – Through itunes (free download HERE), listeners can subscribe to DiscCast, which will ensure that when new episodes are released, they will be downloaded automatically. We do recommend this, but alternatively single episodes can be downloaded. Once you have downloaded, installed and opened iTunes, you can find DiscCast in the music store, under the heading Podcasts. Once the podcast page is open, a simple search (for ‘DiscCast’) will find the show, and allow you to download for free.

2. Podcast Alley – This is simply an online Podcast directory, and the DiscCast page can be found
HERE. Once on the page, scroll to the bottom to find your desired episode, and simply right click and select ‘save target as’ to download. At podcast alley, you can also subscribe to, and vote for, our podcast.

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  1. Ive only started listening to this, but i already like the name trouble. He is Larry Imperi-a-lee guys, and also Hu-da-klin, though this all depends on "what part of the country you are from"

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