2 Replies to “Do You Have To Use Fake Nails?”

  1. Fake nails are not necessary. Most players can delay without fake nails,
    except those players that bite their nails a lot. Fake nails are useful for
    advanced freestyle, when you try to string two or three moves together.
    They can help the spin last longer, and they can give you a consistent delay
    surface so you don’t have to worry about your natural nails. Fake nails are
    also very useful for rim delays.
    If you asked the top players to play without nails for a day, they would still
    play well. You would see most of the same moves, but not as many in each
    possession. Fake nails give more options.
    Personally, I think new players should learn without nails. They are not
    necessary for learning the fundamentals of pro disc freestyle. Once the
    player starts putting combinations together, they can decide whether nails
    are right for them.

  2. I’ve learned the basics with no nails. Now I do a nail delay and under the leg moves with no nails. Today I played for first time with nails, and you can do more moves but less control. (in the beginning I hope) For rim delaying it’s essential in my opinion.

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