The Claw

Is it ok to claw the frisbee? does it reduce the amount of spin time, or affect preformance?
Clawing using all the fingers to spin the disk, in case you didn’t know.

2 Replies to “The Claw”

  1. Clawing provides more stability for the delay, but it increases the friction, so
    the spin will run out sooner.
    Is it okay? Sure! This is freestyle. If your goal is technical proficiency or
    going for maximum difficulty, you will want to avoid the claw. It reduces the
    difficulty, and it can be a crutch. That said, most players claw at certain
    times, especially for upside down delays after turnovers.

  2. Using the claw to stabilize an incoming upside -down throw
    can be a great save. Also one of the more popular turnovers starts upside down and is "clawed" over, by rocking and using the shoulder of the disc. I see it as another tool in the arsenal of freestyle.

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