Drachenfest 2007 Results

Last Sunday the Berlin jammers came together for a very spontaneous hat tournament at a kite-festival in Berlin. We even had 2 special guests: Valerio Occorsio and Fabio Caruso from Milano.

The weather was fine, although the wind was a bit unsettled. Woo brought a sweet portable sound system that gave everyone the boost to go for his best moves.

And these are the results:

Berlin Jammers @ Drachenfest 2007


Valerio Occorsio/Markus Hein (Diff6,1/Ex7,8/AI4,5) Total 18,4
Jörg “Woo” Wunder/Kolja Hannemann (Diff5,9/Ex8,0/AI3,9) Total 17,8
Oliver Baczko/Jan Schreck (Diff5,9/Ex7,6/AI4,1) Total 17,6
Daniel Sorgatz/Bianca Strunz (Diff6,2/Ex7,3/AI3,8) Total 17,3
Fabio Caruso/Phillip Stahl (Diff4,8/Ex6,9/AI3,2) Total 14,9
Anton Capellmann/Greg Marter (Diff5,0/Ex5,1/AI3,5) Total 13,6


Valerio Occorsio/Markus Hein (Diff6,4/Ex7,6/AI5,4) Total 19,4
Daniel Sorgatz/Bianca Strunz (Diff6,2/Ex8,1/AI4,3) Total 18,6
Jörg “Woo” Wunder/Kolja Hannemann (Diff5,7/Ex8,3/AI4,2) Total 18,2
Oliver Baczko/Jan Schreck (Diff5,2/Ex7,4/AI4,1) Total 16,7
Anton Capellmann/Greg Marter (Diff5,8/Ex5,7/AI3,9) Total 15,4
Fabio Caruso/Phillip Stahl (Diff4,7/Ex6,7/AI3,3) Total 14,7