The Beastival

Pleased to meet you

Hope you guessed my name.

This is what happens when you turn 60 years old – if you are Steve “The Beast” Hays. This debauchery plus a nifty singalong, a heart(or was that gut)wrenching photo montage (set to “Sympathy For The Devil”), a few embarrassing antecdotes (not nearly enough), and hours and hours of beach freestyle happened this weekend at Roast Beast (aka The Beastival) in San Diego.

Thanks to Dave & Amy Schiller for being awesome hosts and making The Beast truly uncomfortable and to the Seattle crew for a plan so devious that The Beast thought he was going to Las Vegas. If only he were so lucky. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens at the Beastival goes directly onto Shrednow…and YouTube…and DVD. This video is short and dark, but high quality footage was taken and many many photos as well. Something tells me they will emerge.

Happy Birthday Beast!

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