FPAW2007 Only Hours Away

The FPA World Championships begin in less than 24 hours on the beach in Amsterdam. Early reports are that this year’s field will break last year’s record of 100 competitors. The tournament should be a little less hectic this year as it has been expanded to four days because of the tidal wave of new, awesome players.
Personally, this FPAW will be difficult for me because I won’t be there. It will be the first time since 1993 that I will miss a worlds. I can’t wait to hear reports of every routine, see every photo and drool over every piece of gossip.

2 Replies to “FPAW2007 Only Hours Away”

  1. Hey Arthur, some of us stayed at home, but we can jam the hell out of ourselves and create some serious back-up vibe for those AmsterJammers ))))
    Not all the jam is on the Amsterdam-doughnut is it )))))

    No jump, no catch!

  2. I’ll be playing tomorrow on the beach. From the webcam and Skippy’s report
    about the rain yesterday, the conditions sound very San Francisco-esque.

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