I’m going too against…

I think it’s about 6 month ago when I made my first against the spin, all day and night trying hard the simple inside crank, and finally pulling it out after a lot of practice!

Then not tired yet I wanted to achieve the next level: the outside crank with the other hand (left hand for me ‘cos I’m counter). After much time, many videos and a learned reverse delay with both hand I was pretty good to make against crank with both hands in a combo. I was pretty sure those againsts were enough for now, but after FPAW I came back to Trieste(my city)and started to try obsessed the skid, the birth, the juice and the amphibian.

Now I’m so excited about making againsts combination, with no pauses between them, I’m a bit worried, because before the againsts, I was practicing with many things (body spins,crazy catches,pulls,tips,holds), and now I can’t simply go for a body spin entire learning session…I try to start with other tricks, but I always finish the session learning just another against, another combo of them. I wish to dedicate not so much time to the againsts but it seems they are stronger than my will.

What should I do?

Should I return to the ‘natural’ way?

And also…I know there are some against combos as "alien birth", and some other…Can someone explain them to me, maybe if I can do them (or if I can find out they’re too difficult) I can stop to practice the againsts (for a while) and dedicate more time to the other great variety of tricks in freestyle!

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  1. Some might say there can never been enough against moves.
    I say learn the moves you are most interested in learning. Right now that seems to be the against moves. I would not recommend only doing one style of moves, as that can get boring to do and boring to watch. Learn what you are interested in, and later on combine them together.
    When I focused on against moves, I found that the against moves started creeping into my other combinations. You will be doing a spinning move one day, and because you practiced all those against moves, your brain will say "there’s a juice!" and all of a sudden your different games will come together.

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