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  1. Hi Robby,
    I started jamming about 9 months ago and came across the same problem! However, now I have completely mastered the nail delay (spinning the disc on my finger)!! Here are some useful tips:
    – Always remember to spin the disc on the hard part (end) of your fingernail.
    – Make sure there is plenty of spin on the disc from either your self set or an incoming throw.
    – Make small circles with your fingernail in the same direction as the spin of the disc. This keeps the disc spinning longer.
    – Always face the wind!
    – Get a can of silicone spray and spray it on the bottom of the disc and then wipe it down with a cloth. This makes the disc more slick and removes the friction, therefore, you can spin the disc on your nail for much longer!! You can buy this from http://www.dtworld.com!!
    – You can also get freestyle nails, these are fake fingernails so you don’t have to use your own. I don’t know how effective these are as I have never tried them. You can master the nail delay without them, i have done!
    – Finally I would strongly recomend buying the ‘Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle’ DVD. It is great for anyone starting to freestyle, it teaches you all the basic moves from the nail delay to body rolls! It is a fairly new DVD, came out in 2003! You can buy this from http://www.wrightlife.com!!
    I hope you find these tips very useful and soon you will have mastered the nail delay!
    Johninho (Preston, UK)

    Yo !! from Johninho !!

  2. Hi Robbie, my advice is to learn the "delay" (this is the name for spinning the disc on the nail) by playing with other persons. Infact is easier to learn delaying with a disc that’s spinning with goog spin,and at the beginning is not very easy to give yourself enough spin, but if you play with others guys, expecially in long distance, you’ll receive throws with good spin also if your friend is not a freestylers yet. Maybe ask him to try to add a bit of spin to his throw…When you see a flat disc coming at you with enough spin go under it with your nail , maybe try to run after the disc at the beginning to let it remain in the center. Another advice is to be carefull to learn the clock spin instead of the counter, so don’t try the delay with people who throws to you using the left hand. in fact when you learn to delay the disc, you learn only one spin, and is very difficult after to learn the other spin. if you accidentally learn the counter spin you won’t be able to play easily with the most part of the players, that are clock…obviously that’s is just for the beginning, lots of big players (almost all the players from U.S.) delay easily both spin. Ah, the last thing…buy a discraft 160 skystyler and use some silicon oil to clean it on the surfaces. The disc you play with is very important. Ciao

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