Important FPAW2007 Updates

With less than two weeks until the FPA World Championships, there are a few important changes and announcements:


You MUST be pre-registered. In fact, you must complete your registration by 5pm on June 20. For your registration to be complete, both your FPAW entry fee and your FPA membership must be paid.


The deadline for team sign-up is June 20 at 5pm (17:00). Final registration will take place at Bloemendaal beach on Wednesday, June 20 between 15:00 and 17:00. All members of your team must have a complete event registration in order to sign up the team. No partial team sign-ups will be considered when making the pools.

Late sign-ups, partial sign-ups and teams that change members will be seeded into the qualifying round. If there is no qualifying round (this is 99% unlikely), these teams will be seeded normally but will play first in their pool.


Everyone will be asked to judge. Please make sure you are familiar with the FPA Judging System (English PDF). New judges should learn as much as you can. Don’t worry. There will be experienced judges with you. Ask them questions.


Based on the number of team sign-ups, there will be a qualifying round. In Amsterdam, the top 16 seeded teams will advance automatically to the Prelim. The remaining teams will play the qualifying round for 16 additional Prelim spots. 32 teams will play in the Prelim round. This is a little different from the procedure in the Competition Manual. The FPA Competition Committee voted to make this change for Amsterdam because of the high number of teams.


The Co-op final will include eight teams rather than the traditional six.


There will be three rounds in Mixed Pairs, to reflect this unique division that has few teams but a high level of competition. The first round will be a two-pool semifinal. The top two teams from each semifinal will advance to the finals. The second round will be a B-Final. The top two teams from the B-Final will advance to the final. The third round will be the six-team final.