Jam Reports: January

In the spirit of Tall Pall’s All Star Thursday reports on the Jammers on the Net list, I thought I would open up a space to talk about what happened in your January jams. Brag about yourself, tell us about a big move someone else did, report on a perfect co-oping moment, or just tell us how good it feels to play in the middle of the winter.

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  1. Skippy Jammer put the call out for a beach jam this weekend. Melissa Trail,
    Doug Korns, Steve Stotter and I joined Skippy and his family. Conditions were
    good if not a little eery. The beach was very foggy, and as the sunlight broke
    through the fog in spots, it seemed a little ghostly. Toward the end of the
    day, we saw dolphins swimming by, about 200 yards off the shore.

    One of the cool elements of the Seabright jam was initiated by Skippy. He
    vowed to hit a list of five moves sometime during the jam. It was a cool
    personal challenge. During a jam, it’s a balance between hitting what you
    want and hitting what is there, but having moves in mind can’t hurt. I jumped
    in with a wish list of five moves of my own.

    It took me a long time, but I hit all the moves on my list:

    Spinning crow brush, preferably as a pass to a sick catch

    This one took me four of five (or more) attempts. Either I wiffed it, or the
    brush did not make it successfully to another player. Finally, I nailed one into
    Skippy’s zone, but the angle wasn’t right for the sick crow catch he
    generously tried.

    Pandora’s box, Life of Riley or Connecting the Marrons

    I was intent on Pandora or Life of Riley, but the wind was almost non-
    existent, so the disc kept going in front of me instead of behind my back.
    Toward the end of the jam, I did a very lame Connecting The Marrons to
    check off this list.

    A Tommy kick

    The first move I knocked off my list. I got a solid hit on my first try and I
    believe Steve Stotter got the reception.

    3 skids in a row

    Skippy had set the bar high with the goal of five skids in a row, and
    unfortunately I couldn’t give him enough spin for five, no matter how hard I
    tried to crank it. I think I did a few 3-skid combos, but I liked the one that
    checked this move off my list. It was a skid to a spinning skid to a skidout,
    just on the edge enough to make me wonder if I would get the third against.

    Some random 4 or 5 spinning catch

    This one took almost the entire session because of the calm conditions. I had
    one or two triple spinning catches, but the disc was dropping once it got to
    waist level. At a certain point, the wind picked up ever so slightly. I sensed
    that this might be my last opportunity, so I flicked the disc out and did a
    quad spinning (crushing 😉 ) btb catch.

  2. Billy Caplin and I went to Jackson Hole to ski, but the highlight of the trip was playing with Mikey Reid in the Teton Rec Center. It was about 10 degrees outside when Mikey rambled into the gym with boom box in tow. After shedding many layers this guy "blew my mind" with incredible combos and a really good spirited speed flow.
    There is no way he could do this with a 18 month rust factor, is there? One combo involved an upside down monster push set to a blind back roll to a gitosis. We got to get him to go to Amsterdam, anyone want to take over a dairy farm?

  3. It’s hard to describe but its like a leg over except it’s into the monster position and the disc is upside down, the rest is easy , no?

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